Point system hint? Please?

Someone please explain the point system to me. I just one five games in a row against silver skilled monsters (same rank as me), only got one point each time. Then I lost to one and lost 11. Please. Explain.

Changed your “Report Forum Bugs” to “Bugs” might of been a typo but all fixed ^.^ and I have no idea how it works but it happens to multiple players I don’t really do Hunt 2.0 anyways really

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Anything you want to know can be explained here:

Also @evolvinman this is more of a “General” thread than a “Bugs”.

You know you could’ve changed it right? Plus I honestly never knew this was meant to happen so I thought it was a bug :confused: my bad

Meh, guess I forgot :stuck_out_tongue:

Ranked is a bug really but this is just how the system works :stuck_out_tongue:

Bad system please buff lol

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Bad system? Definitely.

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It’s basically so you have a high W/L. Instead of W/W/W to get to Silver Skilled then W/L/W/L/W/W/L/W/L/L it gives you W/W/W/W/W/W/W/L/W/W/W/W/W/W/W/W/L/W/W

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