Point System Failure


I’m sure this is a sore subject and I just joined the forums today. I have done zero research but I must say I’m disappointed after my experience this evening. I joined a game but received a lost connection with host error. Which caused me to instantly lose 42 points. Really? I’m a silver expert monster and if I win against a silver master team I get 3 to 6 points. Having 531 hours in this game, I’m now losing complete interest. The only thing that kept me going is that I was 40 points away from achieving the next rank. Now, it’s going to take another 100 hours to even get close as I typically only get 1-3 points per game. And playing as monster it can take 15 minutes to start a match. I really love this game but you really need to know (which I’m sure it’s been voiced) the point system is horrific, especially since it takes so long to start a match. I’m not giving up yet, but seriously this was a low blow. Low enough for me to want to voice it. You probably won’t hear from me again as I’m not much of a forum person.


Just an update. I just played a match where I had a draw, something I’ve never seen! It was a good game. I was awarded 39 points for the match. Strange, but it’s even now. LOL


I understand your frustration in loseing that many points although the ranked matchmakeing in evolve was designed for the purpose of pairing you with players of equal skill. As such i would not recomend trying to play ranked with the goal of climbing through the ranks as that could result in you finding extremly difficult oponents in relation to your skill level. As for the massive shift in points gained or lost, the points lost will begin to decrease as the ranking algorithm settles on what rank is best for you based off of your wins and losses.

And last but not least, WELCOME TO THE FORUMS!:laughing::+1:


It’s annoying. Why they can’t do something normal like: If you win with monster on the same or lower rank, you get +1. Then another +1 for 1 rank better. For monster the same, but sume every hunters and split whit 4. Whit losing its the same regulations, you lose with the same or better rank, -1. You lose with 1 lower rank, next -1.


Yeah, it’s annoying. Especially when you have a disconnect or game crash and lose your ass on points. I’ve lost to people above my rank and lost a lot of points, and then beat a team the same rank as me and got one point. And beat teams less rank and get 7-8 points. It makes no sense at all.

And constantly being matched to different skill levels means if it’s not meant to be a ladder you can climb, then it’s broken. If you’re meant to be placed in one spot and stay there, you should not get more points for beating someone ranked below you than you do for beating someone ranked at your level. And you should lose a lot of points if you lose to a team ranked lower than you, not if a squad of high silvers or golds beats you.

I think it should really work like Titanfall’s ranked chips. You play your placement games, you get a rank. You’re then graded on how you do in the game, win or lose, and can go up or down accordingly.


Number of hunt 2.0 games played as a monster?

You will lose a lot of points when you’re around 0~50 games. After around 100 games you will lose ~10 points (+/- 10).


As stated above, just a matter of playing enough games. The system will sort itself out by then


I honestly hate the point system, thats why i don’t play it


I’ve had that happen to me, the disconnect causes major points loss but then it kind of gives them back if you play again sometimes.