Point of contact for a game idea


I know tons of people have ideas, what’s the point in trying, but I strongly feel this idea needs a chance at being read. Could someone please point me in the right direction so I can propose my idea?


The developers read the forums quite regularly, posting here is your best bet.


Why not just set it here? I’m not sure there is a better place for it, and if the idea is really loved it will be (probably) picked up.


I’m trying to fire off the idea in private. I’ve been brainstorming this game idea on paper since left4dead got released. That’s like 7 years, I’d be crushed if the unlikely happened and my idea got stolen from under me! With Evolve getting released, it confirmed for me Turtle Rock Studios would be the perfect crew for this project.


If it is going to be super game changing, it is unlikely to be adopted though.


PM a member of the dev team then, I guess.