Point Loss for Disconnect

I dont know what topic this is but this is a huge problem!! Today i have played some evolve ranked and you know what, my game chrashed or my computer froze or some other bs and when i am back in game i lost 30 point plus and have to wait 5 minutes to que again pls fix this problem this gets me repetedly back to silver.

edit: i know that it is hard to fix something like this i just needed to vent a bit i was really frustrated.

This seems like a bug with the game so I’m changing the category to reflect that.

Though there’s a few topics on disconnects and losing rank, so this one may get moved/closed

It’s best to keep the title short and sweet and explain the issue in the topic itself.

Shortened the title :smile:

Today i lost an entire ranking from silver elite to master because of a disconnect. i lost over 50 points because one hunter disconnected and the game did not immediately end. I would appreciate if you guys would fix my rank back to what it was asap. my gamer tag is prodigy of sparta.

also, on another note, please release a notice on how the point system works, because nobody seems to understand how it works and it is upsetting many people