Point gains/losses after draws in Ranked mode

So I had a draw match against a meteor Goliath and lost points while some of my other team mates gained points. I am trying to understand how this is fair? Especially considering I took over trappers role to dome the monster. Shouldn’t I get bonus points for hot swapping and helping carry the team with two roles?

I believe I am the only one that got points taken away and if it was for any reason it was because I had to take trappers spot a couple times which meant I did less damage as the assault resulting in the tie at end game…Otherwise the bot would have hardly done a thing…

I moved this to the bug category because I’m pretty sure this is a bug.

Not sure this is a bug. Logically, a match can still end in a draw, and then the points will be deduced according to rank. If you should have won, you’ll lose points, and if you should have lost you’ll gain some. I could be wrong, of course.

Can we have more detail on how the draw occurred? Did both the hunters die and the monster die at the same time? Did the monster kill everyone just as the timer ended?


MG had meleed Sunny as he was shot by the mininuke ending in the draw. I just don’t see how I get negative points when I had to play two roles and was above global average for the assault(class I picked), while my friend got points.

On a side note: In game stats have nothing to do with how many points you win/lose

On topic: Were you the highest ranked player in your team by any chance? It could be like trickortreat said. If you draw against a lower ranked monster, you lose points (because you should’ve won the match). If you draw against a higher skilled monster, you win points.
This is just a guess, but would make the most sense.

I was silver skilled, the monster was the same or expert. I just feel like there shoul be some type of compensation or give for hot swapping because the team lost a member. I just don’t see the work of hot swapping and successfully doming the monster and playing assault equaling a reward I feel it should. If anything I feel I should get no points or positive points.

Well… It can’t really tell who’s hotswapping and such. Multiple people could then hot swap through one missing character, and each gains more points. This could potentially be abused. I don’t see anything wrong with how things are.

As @Mindoci stated, in-game stats/events are not taken into account for the allocation of points. It could give rise to farming for points. If this was the only issue, I don’t see this as being a bug. It’s simply a mechanic of the game, and maybe this would be more suited under the suggestions tab (with a retitle).

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