Point gain and loss

So today, after playing about 4 games of hunt as a hunter today (a win or two against silver in there also) I managed to walk away with a whopping 12 points. Then decided to play a little monster. I’m silver skilled as monster, the team I played against was silver skilled/expert. After a long game I lost (a premade that plays together a lot I’m guessing) and I walked away with a loss of…wait? 28 points?? So you mean to tell me that I can gain only a fraction of that 28 by winning, but lose it all in one shot with a loss? Would anyone care to enlighten how points work for me also? I don’t really know how it’s determined. It’s very frustrating though and makes you almost not want to do ranked play.

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Here you go!

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Thanks. I still don’t think the system is right through :confused: I feel like it’s a very slow upward climb to any rank. And they still need to fix crashes affecting this. Thanks for the post though :slight_smile:

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The idea wasn’t to make a leaderboard, but to have you reach your skill group, and stay within it. After ~200 games you lose points in single digits to around 15 or so max (This also will be dependant on your WLR consistency). The ranked mode is to fight people who are actually your skill, so after a good number of games, you’ll be winning and losing around 50% of your games (ideally). It’s not perfect, yes, but it shouldn’t be seen as something to climb


Oh okay, this is actually a pretty clear way of describing it. Thank you

The main reason that the ranking is wonky is because of that lack of players to compare from. On pc or ps4 or Xbox there is less than a thousand at any time. If they had of included a ranked Playlist at the start of the game it would have been a lot more accurate before they lost 90% of their player base week 1.