PodCast Needs You [Live 29th Jan at 6pm EST]


Hey Guys/Gals/Robots/Mutants
We’re going to be doing a 1 hour stream/podcast tomorrow, at 6pm EST on www.twitch.tv/aseeds
With @GrizzleMarine, @Puggims , myself and 1 other…

I was wondering, if anyone in the community had any interest of creating a 4 webcam overlay.
If More than 1 are made, we’ll try and use them all :smile:


  • Must be Evolve Related
  • Must have 4 webcam slots
  • Must be PG (no fan art nudity)
  • You must own the copyright, or have permission to use the assets (ie press kit for evolve cough)

If you can think of anything, you want discussed, let us know below :slightly_smiling:

Mods: Please feel free to edit this post to include suggestions



Oooh, I’d like to help but I’m not entirely sure how I could :stuck_out_tongue:


You could try to do a colab of community fan art like these,

Credit goes to @ToiletWraith and @SledgePainter


i like the idea XD
Need more community ART!


i should really get my art supplies out of storage. been a while since i’ve drawn but Evolve fits my art style enough that i can probably get back into it.


@ToiletWraith art is always welcome XD


Aww yiss. Looking forward to another Evolve podcast to start up.


just need to know WHEN to watch. lol


when there’s a livestream with some of the Evolve streamers like juju, madcow, seeds etc, do ya’ll just play it in the background of the office?





got it. 8pm CT my time.


Yeah most people at work will throw stuff like this on their 2nd monitor. I know Guidance/LordDeath/Brandon and myself all lurk through Evolve streams quite a bit, and we’re all usually in them on patch day for most if not the whole day when those drop.


xD haha. figured about the office one. and yea, i’ve noticed the patch day appearances


Did someone say URT?!


Did someone say YOG?!



I don’t know if there’s anyway for you to implement text into this, but if you could I got some things for you.


Just to be clear, this is the 29th or 30th it’s playing?


I believe this is today.


29th @Crowdalra is right


Thought as much, many of us are well in to the 29th now so “tomorrow” was confusing, have cleaned that up so no-one misses out.


I’ll mock something up on my lunch break