Pocket Mortys!


Found this today. figured i’d tell ya’ll. lol.

@RickSanchez @MortySmith


That is absolutely fantastic.


This is beautiful. I need it.


Told you I was branching out @MortySmith. There’s, there’s lots of money to be made in the mobile gaming department. burp


My Morty with be the most schwifty Morty.


everything they do with the rick and morty property is greatest of all time


Lol. This is new

@RickSanchez @MortySmith


This sounds so fun!!! I wish you didn’t have to pay for chances to win. Ugh.


yea, that always makes things a bummer. however, its a charity thing so its not a bad thing this time


Someone payed $5k for a skateboard. A one-of-a-kind Rick and Morty skateboard, but still.


I found another @RickSanchez on Facebook just now