Poaching is lame


Just joined evolve all, hi

So I need a few pointers;

scenario 1: outside of just leaving the game, what do I do when I am playing as the monster and all the hunters do is kill the prey animals in cycles to the point I can do nothing but sit in a corner and wait to die?

2: Why does no one play with a mic?

3: WTF is up with the leveling of anything? I really want to play as other monsters but why do I have to level useless abilities to be able to even play with my friends as the monster I want to be? Rock throw? Really?


Every ones in prty mainly if your on xbone and I think it’s easy and teaches you as you level your character up just focus on 1 and when they kill big prey don’t worry just eat the dead corpse or get smaller prey


3pts in Rock Throw is almost an instant incap – Really.

Also, Rock Throw is Goliath’s Skill Shot.

Ipt in Rock Throw will help you to more easily kill bigger wildlife at S1. I’ve never been in this “wait in a corner and wait to die” scenario as I’m always too busy in that first minute trying to get to S2.

People don’t play with a mic because many people are rude when a person doesn’t perform to their standards, so rather than offer helpful tips, they berate that person to make themselves feel superior.


If I remember correctly, Rock Throw deals 800 dmg and hunters have 1400 hp without any strikes.


I did say “almost,” not to be too particular … the point isn’t the damage, the point is that the OP thinks Rock Throw is an irrelevant ability.


Rock throw is the highest damaging ability out of any monster right now.

Lightning strike deals 700 dmg, which is the second strongest ability…
How can he think it’s irrelevant?
All you need to do is, Rock Throw -> Leap Smash -> Tea Bag.