Plz nerf damn Lazarus already!


Seriously, stop supporting kids who wanna crash monsters already! Busted my ass in 10 min wraith fight… 3 min after death, support resurrected! Another 3 in fight killed support and trapper, 2 min after that support resurrected! Trapper resurrected, support resurrected, cmon! does anybody is dying anymore! No penalties no anything! GJ rock!


N B4 locked


I think the general consensus right now is that Wraith isn’t in a very good place. So that could have contributed to the loss. As Laz is also in a pretty bad place himself and has been since launch.


Lazarus is pretty damn underpowered dude. I think you just need more practice.


Id really like to know how you come to this conclusion.


Three minutes after? Dropship would have come by then.


Take Laz down so he can not resurrect others. As simple is that. If you can t then kill the incapped hunter, so he/she is getting a strike.


How to a kill a Lazarus:
Step 1: Use Meteor Goliath
Step 2: Take at least one DOT perk (his cloak won’t be as strong)
Step 3: Focus Laz (even though that’s not his playstyle)
Step 4: You have now successfully killed a Lazarus.


I’d really like to know how you didn’t.


Because he does well in overall telemetry, does well in the high end, does well with premades, does well with the balance team, and one of the best over all teams in the games has openly stated laz comps are pretty damn strong



Overall kinda means nothing. Show me telemetry from high-level matches and then I’ll change my stance.


They’re a small team and I disagree with quite a bit of their changes over the last year and months.



[quote=“Sidewaysgts, post:11, topic:99263”]
Because he does well in overall telemetry,
[/quote]To be fair here, going by the last lot of telemetry, Laz also has a very low pickrate, so fewer wins actually need to happen for his overall win-rate to be higher than average.


Honestly, I feel Lazarus can do with a slight heal nerf.
He can, after all, negate strikes, so the hunter the monster just downed doesn’t get a strike.


(Edit: If the time stamp isnt working, 1h 56m 44s in)

Puggims: “Its a strong damn comp”

As for evidence of the others, Most recent information on this comes from private conversations with people who work for TRS (Im fortunate enough to be friends with a couple). And this isnt exactly a “new” trend either- We have open information showing that less than 2 weeks ago, Laz was the highest winning medic for winrates amongst premades, as well as solo queued players. We could probably ask nicely and get more recent numbers though.


Pinging @mizx.


Unless there’s graphs providing winrate and pickrate providing substantial evidence then I fail to believe this.


This post was during Qaira update. Old information now and the graph is now dated. But as of this time this is where he stood.


You’ve had this information served fresh to you before. You refused to believe it then. Why should anybody assume you’re capable of basic intellectual honesty now?


Knock it off with the hostility folks… I seriously dont wanna close a thread right off the bat.

  1. Those graphs are dated.

  2. They have zero filters separating them from skill level. It incorporates all levels, not say 40-50 or something like that. Additionally he has a ridiculously low pickrate so those are inaccurate.