*PLZ HELP: If someone takes your Evolve Vids & Uploads them as their own can you claim Copyright?


I’m not a developer of Evolve so I don’t technically own any rights to Evolve. Evolve is also not Technically out yet, but here’s the deal:

Link to my videos:

Link to 1 of the videos in question (WATCH THE FIRST 5 SECONDS)

Other youtuber who stole my video(s) PLURAL (WATCH THE FIRST 5 SECONDS)

What do I do?

Thanks for the Alpha, Beta, Full Game and community support TurtleRock, it means ALOT!


While this is not a TRS issue, you do have a right to your own videos. Contact the YouTuber in question and ask them to remove it. If they refuse and continue using your material you can always contact YouTube to see about getting the videos removed.


While Creative Commons allows for people to use bits and pieces of videos for unique purposes, claiming a full video to be their own is subject against YouTube policy. You can flag it and report why it was flagged. But YouTube will look for proof on who’s video it is.

But honestly, TRS and 2K games are really the only ones who have a big chance at getting the video down if they report copyright. And that means ALL videos will go down.

It’s still worth a shot.

EDIT: If you read the description, they are putting your YouTube channel in there. So technically you are getting publicized.


You own the copyright to anything you record like this. Creative Commons only applies if you have given people the license to use your work or derivatives of it. Fair use is different but only applies to current affairs and is limited to a short snippet of content.