PLZ Help: Evolve App NOT Syncing w/ Full Game! (Mastery Unlocks not transferring)


(Googled and searched forums couldn’t find an answer)

Same my2k account used in Alpha, Beta, full game, Evolve companion app.

I spent 3hrs pouring points into Parnell and he is still 1* in everything on full game.

Please help.


You only unlock a total of 50% to the mastery using the app. Are you saying you’re not halfway to finishing your first stars with him?


Progress didn’t carry, only unlocks. Mastery earned from the app only unlocks 50% of each level.


Correct input over 1800 master points into Parnell and have tier 3 shotgun on the app yet 0 points in the full game.

Waste of 3 hrs of my life as far as I’m concerned.


Unlink and relink your My2k account.


Did you try restarting the app completely and reconnecting it to 2k, checking the masteries and such? If that doesn’t work, I’d contact support –

There’s also a place to post it here - App Issues