Pls stop the shenanigans Leaders

Ok im kinda getting tired of seeing them close threads and merge them on a whim it seems kinda like an abuse of power tbh. I get trying to keep the forums in order and stuff but I just saw a thread get closed and I dont understand why it did like at all. It wasnt even my thread. There was no explanation posted about why it was closed. There needs to be some kind of accountability and documentation on why something was closed or merged.

what good is power if you don’t exercise it?

I think they’re getting used to their powers, when they’re better they’ll tell us more quickly why they close a thread

Also was this rapterros thread? Because if so he opened it again

Which thread are you talking about?

twas the one about the cosmic skins titled Cosmic Skins on Every Platform but NOT PC? Like now there is a reason for why it was closed but i dont really see the problem with the thread at all in general.

He comes from the steam forums, which are a lot more unruly

And the OP’s question has been answered, which causes most question threads to be closed

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So threads get closed once the main question has been answered? Seems weird to me… cause I even posed a question in that thread about why the consoles even get them at all since they are supposed to be exclusive to the PCMR.

Sometimes if more questions are raised, the topic stays open

Also they’re time exclusive for the pcmr over normal pc users

Make a specific thread for that. Once an OP’s question has been answered we’re inclined to close a thread.

I try and be a little more careful with closing and merging, but with so many redundamt threads…yeah. We tire of constantly explaining our actions from time to time.


See I would make a thread asking my question but I know it wouldnt get an answer from a dev cause its probably not one of the devs highest priorities to explain.

I would laugh if this thread got closed right now for no reason…

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…Stop tempting me! :stuck_out_tongue:


@Valenten Yes, that bothers me too. We paid 135 dollars for it and consoles get our skins first? -_-

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EXACTLY… Like wh do the Consoles get the skins that are supposed to be “EXCLUSIVE for 30 days” I dont understand that at all.

Edit: like this is taken fromt he break down thing they did "Four Monster Skins that are exclusively available for PC in this edition for 30 days. Because you are Monster Race. And you deserve bragging rights. "

That seems to say “Hey PCMR people you will get these skins and only you will get them for 30 days” not “Hey PCMR you will get these skins and be the only ones on PC to get them for 30 days while consoles get them at the same time”

Nor do I, but ah well. It doesn’t directly affect me anyway.

Especially since Steam screwed up and gave me a standard copy instead of the PCMR I ordered. ;-;


OUCH D: that sucks to hear :frowning:

Yeah. I came back from a business venture, a few days post-launch to be greeted by a standard edition.

Many tears were shed.

and they charged you for the PCMR??

I’m not entirely sure on that one. I do not think so, fortunately. :slight_smile: