Pls help Good behemoth players


k so I can wipe any teams ass with goliath kraken or wraith but behemoth I lose everytime can someone give me tips and so good builds to try out pls me very crei


I have lost only one game so far with him… here is how I did it.
1.Take three points in a high damage skill such as lava bomb or fissure
2. Roll/melee swipe spam as much as you can



ty fam u da best


Depends on your playstyle. I usually grab tongue grab just to grab wildife and either rockwall with 2 points, fissure with 2 or 1 in each.

Just try and create as much distance as possible when you don’t wanna fight, he moves really slow while sneaking.

Also he is currently bugged and he takes more damage than he is supposed to so you might actually be playing fine but this is screwing you over.


I’ve just discovered how devastating is this on someone’s footage…

I suspect it to be changed very soon.


Stage 1: 1 Fissure, 1 Rock Wall, 1 Tongue Grab
Stage 2: 2 Lava Bomb, 1 Fissure
Stage 3: 1 Lava Bomb, 1 Fissure, 1 Rock Wall

Be constantly moving in the dome. If I’m not attacking a specific hunter, I’m rolling. Roll-melee-Fissure is a hell of a combination, especially with tongue grab to pull them right back.

When possible I roll around corners and lay down a lava bomb to make them go another way, then run after them while they search for an alt route and pull one of them followed by rock wall and pounce.


At stage 2 I usually tongue grab them, fissure just as they land, then lava bomb right when they land from the fissure knock up.

If they somehow don’t die it usually only takes a melee or 2 as long as I had the rockwall up and they weren’t getting shielded/healed


A few pro’s I know are taking 3 in rock wall, but you have to know how to use it, so it doesn’t glitch and break.


Take 2 in fissure and 1 in tongue grab, since you’ll want to be disrupting in a stage 1 dome fight and these are his two counters to verticality. If they’re smart and don’t climb stuff, just roll away and occasionally fissure to disrupt their chase around the dome. Fissure will also be your main move to break things.
Stage 2: 3 rock wall. You can start harassing and separating/pressuring the hunters now.
Stage 3: 3 lava bomb. This is your flush move, since they’ll most likely not want to bring the fight to you, just snipe with this. It will also help with combos if you don’t mind your health bar eating :hankey: for a few seconds (fave: lay it in your pounce space, fissure, tongue a midair hunter, pounce the midair hunter).

Tongue grab combos into a pounce very nicely
Fissure combos with both tongue grab and rock wall
Lava bomb is easy to land after a heavy hit (squishes between both arms, especially right after a roll)
Can fissure through a rock wall or force hunters to take lava bomb damage within the rock wall (and pounce on em for a few seconds)

And always: ALWAYS go with traversal cooldown (skill cooldown if you’re doing defend, but let’s face it: You’ve already won defend if you’re choosing behemoth). Rolling is Behemoth’s B&B and you’ll want to do it often. Also: striders are easier to kill than nomads :wink:

Anything else?


Even though people are talking a lot of skill point distribution & some combo tactics, I think the biggest tip is that Behemoth plays a bit backwards compared to Goliath/Kraken/Wraith. The first 3 play offensively then take a defensive stance if needed: hit hard then run/juke if needed. Behemoth doesn’t do this well. Whatever your choice skill set is you’re primarily in a defensive position first, setting up for a very very hard hitting offensive. Your skills are primarily area-denial and crowd control, where you don’t so much combo to kill a hunter directly (you can) but you combo to separate & disrupt the hunters. Once I got into that way of thinking it was much easier to play Behemoth.


I’ve been liking 2 Fissure and 1 Rockwall to start. You definitely want to play more defensively. I normally use a fissure to do initial damage and then rock wall to divide them. FISSURE over the wall to keep them back and put in the hurt. When they do get past it, use the Fissure into a Roll+melee. Ideally take out the trapper and keep moving. :wink: Ha, now I want to do some rolling. Behemoth, here I come.

BTW use fissure when they are on cliffs/pillars. It’s hits them off if they don’t jetpack off. Even if they jetpack off, you can roll right under them and smile. Or even tongue them out of the air. So much fun. When focusing hunters, rock wall is invaluable for some privacy. :wink:


Stage One: 2 Rock Wall, 1 Tongue Grab
Stage Two: 2 Rock Wall, 1 Tongue Grab, 3 Lava Bomb
Stage Three: 3 Rock Wall, 3 Tongue Grab, 3 Lava Bomb

Works well for me. It’s all about terrain manipulation and crowd control: I isolate hunters one at a time and ground and pound FTW.


I typically start with:
S1: +1 Tongue Grab, +1 Lava Bomb, +1 Rock Wall
S2: +1 Lava Bomb, +1 Fissure, +1 Rock Wall
S3: +1 Lava Bomb, +2 Fissure
Final Stats: 3 Lava Bomb, 3 Fissure, 2 Rock Wall, 1 Tongue Grab
(Spreading out your skill points is definitely key)

From the Behemoths Ive fought and played with, choosing where you fight is EVERYTHING. An area with a lot of cliffs and ledges is generally a tough spot for the Behemoth, ecspecially if the Hunters have Sunny (she can boost there Jetpacks and they can zip all over the place). Try to aim for enclosed and/or flat areas. This limits the Hunters mobility options and forces them to fight on your level.

Mobility is also a Huge factor. Sure everyone loves the hulking mass of destruction that is Behemoth, but he needs to be able to switch targets quickly, and that is the key to a win. If you can quickly lay down the hurt on a Medic, for example, and successfully down him and finish him off (as once you leave the target, you wont be able to return to the body as quickly as the other monsters) roll to the next target, typically the Support or Trapper, depending in what Hunters are being used.



upgrade rock wall when to stage 2 really useful


lava bomb your feet, and tongue grab to drag the hunters over the coals. fissure can go through rock wall, which is useful for hitting hunters that would normally be able to dodge it.

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the more you know


I was on the Behemoth is bad bandwagon then I tried more stuff and he’s actually pretty good.
I start with 1 Lava Bomb and 2 Fissure and use the traversal cooldown reduction perk. Be aggressive with him but be smart about it. More importantly forget Rock Wall until stage 3 since it’s useless unless you put 2 or 3 points into it.


k i am on 22 win streak as behemoth ty


Yep. This pretty much takes the cake. The roll+heavy attack is devastating.
I recently toyed with 2x fissure and 1x lava bomb. Won in stage1.

I used to take rock-wallx2 and fissurex1… but I wasn’t as impressed.

I usually take eat-speed… because I feel pressed for armor most of the time early game.


But damage bonus is crazy! :no_mouth:


one time i was torvald. and i used my personal. well i was tapping jetpack dodge. and each time i did behemoths roll registered as a hit. my PS was gone so fast lol and right after that i died. OP.

lava bomb is crazy tho. the burn is insane iv won with slivers of hp cuz the burn dropped all 4 of them at the same time!