Pls halp i think im dying


So I have recently come down with a flu, I think I am getting out of it, but I am having some MASSIVE SHIVER/JITTER ATTACKS.

These can go for even 20-30 seconds, and are pretty frequent…

I have a nice warm blanket watching youtube videos D=


Feel free to slog through my YT channel content :stuck_out_tongue: LOTS of Evolve :smiley:

(Hope you feel better)



def gonna make this! thanks!


I just got back from my business trip and currently have popped ears, trashed sinuses, sore throat and burning eyes, general tiredness and of course, the mental need to play evolve but lack the physical ability to play it.

I think I shook the wrong persons hand…


Get some warm chicken soup, bundle up, watch all of MaddCow’s footage, and sing a song.


I kid, I kid.


I tried to play my trumpet in jazz band today… not good Dx


That’s cause you were playing Trumpet… True musicians play the Saxophone :stuck_out_tongue: (Fun fact, I played the Baritone Saxophone in middle school… It was taller than I was)


sadly true, I am the only competent *trumpet player in my band D:

there is another who is good enough to take my place as section leader (thankfully)

IK it sounds trashy, I wish I was lying :expressionless:


To get rid of popped ears: yawn. Works every time.


watching your first goliath video, more like noobcow :stuck_out_tongue:


My First Kraken is funny because I get somewhat Drunk/giddy with power :slight_smile:


What? Surely not. You’re the god of madness, you always had power.


I can’t offer advice, I almost never get sick; let alone the flu.


1:30 of this video… You said you didnt like rock through rofl.



Yup, I hated it at first. I was a smash + leap until the Beta. Pub Stomping I didn’t need Rock or Flame Breath. Oh how young I was :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m all jittery from the lack of Souls due to a friend’s parent being late.


I hope you get better soon. :slight_smile:


lol your only feeding the stereotype that men are BIG babies when it comes to catching a cold >.>