Please Update Goliath Elite Skin with Different Flamebreath Particles


T4R, I think it would be cool to update the elite Goliath skin so that it shoots a different colored flame breath. Blue or white flames would be really cool.

Would it be possible to do this?


Nopes. That would break whole idea behind the Behemoth.




What does Goliath shooting different colored flame have to do with how Behemoth functions?


Well, they updated the textures of the skins after the alpha, right? Couldn’t they do the same with the color of flame particle effects?

EDIT: My bad, didn’t see it was a reply to the other guy.


That was directed towards THISaint, i actually would find it amazing if the abilities had different visuals, itd be awesome ^-^


Behemoth is the fire dude. Fire has to be shown as one of its features or key elements. I also wish to have Behemoth with different fire color, but I don’t think that will happen.


I thought Goliath was fire and Bob was Rock/Lava?


Behemoth is the magma dude. Volcanic and such. His would deal will lava, which is hot liquid rock. Not essentially fire in itself.

Goliath is fire.


Behemoth’s name is Bob?


Thats what i like to call him