Please Tell Me


I was wondering about how you play when a Monster. Sure there are many tactics involving a certain monster and some just work with all so what i want to know is. How Do You Play Monster?


Agressive as all monsters


So what your saying is you attack them right out of the dropship or…


Sneaky as HELL until found then super aggressive usually Behemoth sometimes Wraith. Get a ‘feel’ for the hunter team during the first engagement; regardless of what stage you are, you can win any time. Focus people like a rabid animal, and use abilities to their max potential (lava bomb on a wall behind hunters high up it goes everywhere).


well no let me say it a little more in depth. Behemoth my main man i’d avoid as long as possible to make myself strong and once the time hits where they dome me i go ham focusing down priority targets and punishing the team>Rinse Repeat. Wraith my side chick id do the same but make engagement when i ever a little slipup arises. As Kraken the groupie id get full armor engage and just keep repeating that process. And as Goliath my least favorite id play the aggro game go on and do my thing and just bat off hunters whenever they apper


Balls to the wall.


Get ready for evo 2.
Full armor
If hunters are still alive/Dropship
Evo 3
End it.


I like to go three points in a single ability, leave plenty of tracks, get full armor, then destroy the other team at stage one, generally by sneak pouncing someone as they come around the corner. That’s only effective when not against a real team or a great set of randoms though. Sometimes they don’t even come to me so I just stage up and run around looking for them at stage 2.

Most important thing about any battle in the game is for you to dictate the fight. You choose when to fight and where to fight and you’ll win 80% of the time.


Aggressively smart. Often engage at stage one and tend to win right there unless they run in which case I’ll skip straight to stage three in the time they give me.


I employ an ambitious and dangerous strategy. It’s fun to do, but it can mean a loss for the monster. Keep in mind that monster is my 5th choice, and I really don’t care about my win/loss ratio.

  1. Invest 3 points into one ability. (My personal choices: warp blast, supernova, lightning strike, leap smash, rock throw, and charge.)
  2. Take +10% damage perk.
  3. Remain at spawn but try to eat one or two wildlife creatures.
  4. Engage the hunters the moment they spawn in.
  5. Incapacitate the medic. [Failing to do this is disastrous.] (Remember, if you get the opportunity to incapacitate a hunter other than the medic, then take it.)
  6. Lure the hunters to revive the medic and get a second strike against the medic.
  7. (Optional if a second strike against the medic isn’t possible.) Kill or incapacitate the trapper as soon as possible. Run away after the trapper’s dome has depleted.
  8. Evolve to stage 2 or get full armour. Engage the hunters again if necessary.
  9. After attaining full armour at stage 2, engage the hunters. The medic and the support are the key targets.
  10. Evolve to stage 3.
  11. Wreak havoc, and exploit the medic’s weakness.