Please tell me we have an ETA on patch


I’ve resorted to solo farming a few masteries b/c playing Monster is little more than an exercise in frustration. I recall seeing confirmation that Nuke Launcher is getting a damage reduction (yay). Haven’t see anything about Mortar’s damage or minimum range being tweaked, but I really really hope so. Lastly, on the subject of Monsters getting some love, shameless plug for this quality of life addition; Will we ever get separate keybinds for the Monster?


Micropatch in about a week ETA if I remember correctly.

Sunny’s Damage and Slims Damage are getting nerfed.


Not Torvald, though. Hmm.


Yeah first micropatch should be in about a week.

This was posted 3 days ago.


secretly hopes for Tuesday


Slim, really? I actually found him to be the weakest of all the Medics. Guess it’s hard to notice compared to Nuke & Mortar. I hope the obvious T4 bugs get addressed with this one; Mortar firing point blank, stacking Shield Drone, etc.


That’s about a week from now right? or the next week?


I would assume it will be in just under a week from now, but one should never assume. :smile:


beginning of this week i guess


macman said torvald only has 49% winrate when paired with the old hunters, he wins more(~60%) when paired with sunny and slim so they nerf them first and watch the outcome


I’m looking forward to these changes. I miss playing monster but at the moment I refuse to be a punching bag for pugs.