Please show Laz a little bit of love


With the Stage 2 update he got a triple nerf (longer cooldown on laz device, longer revive time on laz device, and hunters get strikes when revived from the dead).

Personally I would be perfectly fine with the third change (getting strikes when you die), but combined with the other nerfs, he feels really weak.

Note: Lazarus has been my favorite hunter since the alpha of “Legacy Evolve” and he still is, please fix him.


As a long time Laz player, I have to agree. When you start going up against experienced monsters, you suddenly realize how fragile Laz is. He needs something.

The new Lazarus is amazing - thank you so much, devs

Also with the way the increasing dropship timer works that puts laz at an increased disadvantage. I would love it if when hunters get laz revived it didn’t count towards increasing the dropship timer or something.


His healing burst on 25% CDR though.