Please separate defend/arena from quick play


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no wait… 20 chars


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hunt is always fine with me, arena is eh but i love defend (althou jack is BS-ly OP in it and everything else) so i like the new skimish except that many times it gets stuck on waiting for players to load for forever and i have to quit for a minute and then try the search again whe i could have been in a game by then… ill count it for the mode being within the first hours of being live so no whole thread about it being broken just yet lol

I haven’t played Jack on Defend, does the Repulsor work on the minions?

I think having arena was a nice touch, but defend I’m a little iffy on because of balance. It really shouldn’t be an issue though, and I’m sure we’ll all get used to it.

I never really thought of Defend, Nest or Rescue as being particularly balanced anyway. They’re more just fun modes with all the extra game effects in Evac.


Yeah, I agree. That’s why I’m iffy to have it in a playlist with two other balanced game modes.
I will add however that defend is the best out of def, rescue, nest though


Yes, but it’s not an effective tool in Evac.:frowning:

This divides the population and kills the game. So no…


the point of quickplay is to have a fun variety of practice

if you only want Hunt, click Hunt


I’m liking defend in quickplay - it’s a fun mode and nice not having to play 4 other games first before getting to it!

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Why couldn’t Arena still have its own area of the screen to select? It looks like there is still plenty of on screen space to keep it as an option. But I love defend so boo all you people trying to take that from me.

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Yeah I Know I was so confused because I play arena alot…

Tbh I think having hunt, arena and defend all in one matchmaking spices things up a bit. :slight_smile:


Enjoy some variety won’t ya!?

It’s not about space, it’s about (as devs have explained elsewhere, repeating here) Arena only having 15% of the playerbase playing it. It’s not reasonable to keep a mode running on it’s own with such small numbers AND adding another mode for people to queue on that further splits the playerbase up, causing longer wait times for everyone, and less full lobbies for those outside of ranked mode.

If the player numbers increase, and the desire is still there for an Arena only mode, then maybe the devs will consider splitting it out again? Right now though you have a vote to skip option, and it can’t hurt to add a bit of variety to your life :smile:


Yeah I like it more now that arena and defend are included in the more casual of the options. Just adds variety to the game play when I don’t want to go “full try-hard” mode.


TBH I’d kind of prefer more modes to get added to fully dissuade the “try hard” people that don’t want to risk losing their rank trying to play with their premade in the casual arena that is skirmish. The way I see it is that if you’re trying to run winning comps to crush monsters (or winning builds to crush hunters) then go and play ranked hunt. If you want to just play and not worry about the result too much, play Skirmish. The more that can be done to hammer this point home by forcing people playing skirmish to chillax and go with the flow, the better.

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u gotta add skip option at least, now I can only play arena once every three games