Please rework Wraith's Decoy ability


Disclaimer: This thread is not about whether Wraith is OP.

Imo, this ability is not designed very well. It is the primary reason why people think Wraith is anti-fun.
Please rework this ability. Note that I am not saying this ability should be nerfed/buffed, but rather redesigned.



While I find it’s a interesting mechanic on paper, it becomes a nightmare to deal with, because in a fight, it should allow the Wraith to be sneaky and choose an unexpected angle of attack, or better target. In practice, it’s spammed while you’re trying to chase it, forcing you to slow down with no repercussions or downsides for the Wraith, or in a fight, is spammed unless the Wraith is completely confident they can win.

It’s not necessarily the ability, but it’s the playstyle that the ability encourages, and ends up rewarding in some ways. A damage threshold on the decoy could help this, or maybe something that gives more of a fifty fifty deal to it. The decoy will run in a separate path or attack a separate target, but doesn’t flash when shot. In combination with the damage threshold it could create situations where a good wraith player would have the team thinking the clone was the real one, allowing it to do a sneaky attack on a Medic.

It also would allow more counterplay, allowing teams to do a 2 and 2 split, and not feeling like it just negated the whole team, only whichever group went the other way. As is, the current decoy just isn’t fun, you don’t interact with the real wraith, and it does a punishing amount of damage at no risk to the Wraith.


Remove the stealth mechanic and make it so the clone doesn’t vanish when you attack, instead making it a temporary ally to fight along side you?


I am thinking perhaps the opposite: Make the decoy do no damage, but remove the flicker you get when you shoot it to make it less obvious that it’s fake.

More opinions are required.


The solution is simple, really. Wraith has been designed badly, very badly. It encourages a playstyle which is entirely anti-fun. If the decoy can dish out damage, then it should take damage too. That is, the Wraith should take damage if damage is done to the decoy. There, fixed. Spamming it would give the wraith a chance to escape, but not to avoid all damage.


If your saying the wraith should take damage when they spawn the decoy, then there is no point in decoy. Decoy is for the wraith to get away or split the hunters not another wraith to take damage and transfer it to the main wraith.


The decoy should only knock back the hunters but deal no damage.


No idea what the stats are, but maybe the decoy should deal considerable less damage in general?


Given the incredibly huge outcry for people wanting “Wraith nerf” this and “Wraith nerf” that, I’d be surprised if Wraith doesn’t wind up getting pulled out of the game. Seems to be what everyone is really getting at, which is a shame.


I think this would be pretty good.

My biggest issue is just that the move as it is is not being used intelligently and doesn’t even function as a proper decoy. You shoot it, see the flicker go “well alrighty” and keep moving and hope it doesn’t just lash out and rip apart your HP. I’d rather it soak up damage and not be obvious about what it is, which also would make it less effective to be under direct fire in everyone’s of sight and splitting in half. Yes, real tricky there, 90% of the wraith’s I see.

Here’s a short video from an earlier match I saved on reflex because I just basically watched daisy’s HP melt away from a decoy.

I don’t think Wraith is OP or any of that really, but Decoy really feels like a flawed move. It’s used idioticly and mashed on in whatever scenario because why not. The damage it outputs is insane for the type of move it is. It’s basically cloak + send out an AI controlled bomb.


No, just remove the Decoy’s knockback so you can ignore it a bit more when you already know its a clone, Wraith isn’t about CC but about trickery, and this decoy sending you flying is a bit too much.


I agree that decoy is a bit more dmg than utility,which is wrong.


What about make it die after maybe 750-1000 damage? Cause now its unkillable it seems.


Just brainstorming here, but maybe give decoy a limited amount of uses which can be increased through upgrades. 1 spec=+2 decoys. 2 decoys at spec 1, 4 at spec 2, and 6 at spec 3. Those numbers just sound good to me, don’t know how you guys feel though.


Never heard so much bullshit, between the guy who wants to remove the stealth, the other wants the decoy does not make a damage or a third who wants the wraith takes damage of his clone…
So I’ll make it simple, the only problem with decoy is that once marked (by Val, Abe, Cabot, Griffin etc …), if the wraith uses decoy brand is found on his double, to reappear at the end of the decoy on wraith like magic …
It’s just completely illogical to me when marked it should no longer be able to pass stealth. It should remain visible if it has a mark on him.
Then for me the nerf that has been done after the beta is just completely stupid. You wanted the nerf so that players can see it fly, but it does not change anything. If Turtlerock was a minimum smart instead of listening all the people who were crying during the beta, they would understand that it was not stealth the problem but its stealth + possibility of escape. And the nerf would have been much better and more balanced, what was needed was the nerf dash once stealth, for example, instead of using one of stamina, its dash would use double if he does it by being stealthy.
And the last thing that still could be more balanced, this is to remove the bonus damage when supernova using the clone.


I personally think that the decoy shouldn’t do damage. A decoy is used to fool the enemy, not attack the enemy. Now I love playing as the wraith, and if I wanted to, I could spam decoy to win, just goes to how cheap people could be. Yet again, the wraith is the weakest monster, so it’s hard to say if the decoy should or shouldn’t be able to attack.


My idea for decoy is that it uses Wraith’s stamina as fuel. Stamina would slowly drain, when decoy is up, and when it’s all used up the decoy vanishes. This makes it more tactical move that you have to think through before using. It would be more like reposition tool than escape mechanic.


Could you explain why you think it isn’t designed well? Personally I think it’s fine as it is. You can shoot around the decoy and find the Wraith pretty easily (presuming she hasn’t climbed a cliff or dropped down to a lower level), and if you have Hyde or Caira on your team that’s a massive bonus, as the fire damage will cause Wraith to flash during her invisibility.


Prime example why we can’t never have anything nice.

Peoples can’t learn to adapt to a monster play style, why not nerf it even more

Oh it moving to fast? Let’s slow it down since it already got the lowest hp

Supernova to strong? Let’s weaken it even more even tho we could just back up some

OMG decoy is opening a escape route for the monster, like it was ment to be used for… Let’s nerf it some more

Seriously peoples… Weakest hp monster, it’s isn’t ment to be tracked or played like a Goliath/kraken

This is just getting outta hand…


OP why don’t you practice and get better instead of crying on the forums asking for nerfs? The only reason I can think of why you don’t like the decoy is because you havent used any common sense and considered that the wraith is behind the rock and he used his decoy to distract you, which worked. Solution … Jump past the decoy and go for the real one.
Solution 2… Play as the wraith, if you know how to use him you will know how to beat him.