Please replace percentages with actual numbers (or have both)


I really wish this game used actual numbers instead of just percentages. I’ve played quite a few games as Goliath, and it wasn’t until just today that I truly noticed the difference in damage between rock throw and flame breath. I knew rock throw did more damage, but I never realized that the damage difference is basically a factor of three.

As a player, if i see that all skills start off with 100% then 30% then another 30%, how am i supposed to know that one skill is so much more powerful than another? This needs to be changed. And my opinion on this also applies to other things like the fact that caira, val, slim, and laz have different cooldowns and potencies when it comes to their heal bursts.

Hardcore players are going to figure this out on their own, so why not make it so that this knowledge is available to all players, and not just those dedicated enough to visit forums etc.


Flame breath is for tickling Hunters. Rock throw will take half their health at once.

Big difference there, mate. :stuck_out_tongue: But yes, I think it should say that upgrading move x gives you 30m range as opposed to +30% range.


I think it just makes the screen more consistent with other monsters since there’s a lot of abilities between them all.


yeah flame breath is a joke compared to rock throw. i used to sacrifice points on rock throw for flame breath but no more will i make that mistake


flame breath is great for farming though… but yes I wouldn’t recommend putting more than 1 point into it because it doesn’t serve much use in combat besides revealing cloaked players.


I find myself having to put in at least 2 points just for the range and markovs mines. at level 40, it seems common practice to create a mine field and have the entire team seat in it.


Markov’s mines aren’t as dangerous anymore with the patch, so monsters no longer need to fear them like the plague :smile:


i dont know man. it was only a 20% reduction on damage. Nonetheless, this further expands on my original idea. It would be better if we had hard numbers to determine strategy as opposite to abstract percentages that leave us guessing


and they have 75% less health and take longer before they arm which means you can destroy them before they are even a threat, no distance needed with fire breath :wink:


This was something request a few times during the Beta. Slab mentioned if there was sufficient ongoing demand, it’s something that they could look into.

However, the community (at least pre-launch, in January) was EXTREMELY against this for a number of reasons. The most common were:

  1. This isn’t an MMO / RPG
  2. People shouldn’t be allowed to use the numbers to build a “metagame”, because that’s bad
  3. Knowing the numbers makes you a worse player because you make decisions based on numbers rather than “gut”
  4. Knowing the numbers will just make dumb people always use certain weapons because “higher DPS”

It looks like the those folks have left the forums, though. I know I’d like to see the numbers naturally rather than relying on reading a second hand guide posted on a forum. And I think it’d make the gamer more accessible - afterall, who but only the most hardcore gamers would take the time to look up those numbers and memorize them? It puts more casual gamers at an informational disadvantage. For a game with an almost completely vertical learning curve, that’s bad. We gotta do everything we can to make the game accessible without compromising its core components.


I completely agree with what you wrote on your paragraph. But if those things you listed accurately represent what many ppl in the forums believed, then that is the dumbest thing i have ever heard and it bothers me that such important decisions like this are swayed by idiots.