Please remove fastest click gets preferred role

Can’t you just have it have a turn each? I’m already making enemies on my team before the game even starts. I couldn’t even go to the bathroom in case I missed my chance to pick my role. It’s just a bad way to do things


I mean u can’t play anything else besides what u didn’t pick… I’m sorry that’s just my opinion

It’s what’s ruining this matchmaking kinda

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If this happens, and you just cant play any other role, you can back out at this point without a penalty.

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Uh huh and spend another 3 or so mins finding players just for another to snatch your role again, rinse and repeat. Great. Why not just have it the old way?

I’m getting matched almost instantly as hunter here. What platform are you on?

The game priorities you. ; )

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3 MINUTES?! I’m callin shennanies on that me and my buddy just searched 32 minutes for a game that ended in 3 and we’ve been in search now for about 12 and just got people now…and I too dislike the pick role thing


Try setting your preference to No Preference, see if that helps

3 mins to get hunters, then another 15 for monster

I wish it was like whatever you get, you get… too bad. People wouldnt back out as much

The problem with that is there are so many players that instantly back out if they didnt get their preference. A friend and I tried to play the new hunt 2.0 last night and after 45 minutes of waiting we were never able to get into a game at all due to people leaving instantly because they didnt get the role they wanted so we were thrown back into searching for players and when we found one someone would back out again and continue the vicious cycle. We eventually gave up and played bots in custom. It was very disappointing.

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Sounds like queuing as a certain role seems to be what people are wanting here.

I personally have no preference and enjoy playing every role to a certain extent. So these problems don’t ever occur to me.

Totally agree.

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