Please remove buffs from hunt 2.0


With all of this talk about balance on evolve, it is really starting to bug me now that buffs change the entire aspect of the game and provides huge disadvantages for both the monsters and the hunters. I’m just requesting a removal of in game buffs (that come from the elite wildlife) in hunt 2.0


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This has been suggested too many times to count.


why do you want them removed?


They provide such unfair advantages and it creates a huge imbalance in the game and it they should be removed so ranked is balanced.


Elite Kraken
Damage bonus screen perk
Elite Mammoth bird buff.


No chance is held.


Agreed, but [quote=“10shredder00, post:3, topic:82234, full:true”]
This has been suggested too many times to count.



Just because it’s been brought up often and ignored does not mean it’s not a reasonable suggestion.


It changes the atmosphere of the game, instead of worrying just about feeding routes and evading the hunters, now you have to manage the entire map and make weird difficult decisions. If the hunters are right on your tail and you roll by Mammoth bird buff what do you do? do you just keep going and guarantee that they’ll get it? do you stop and try to kill it, almost certainly dooming yourself to a dome and having no guarantee that you’ll be able to eat it all (preventing hunters from taking it) or that you’ll be able to eat it at all, potentially giving the hunters a free dome and a free buff?

Also, some buffs really tip the scales in crazy ways. Health regen on a survivalist team comp means that the monster will get no strikes for the next 5 minutes, while damage buff on a comp with, say, WLM, Cabot, Parnell will eat you alive.

Plus, moving away from the balance side and towards the Fun perspective, what kind of fun is it when a team of people with Movement speed perk get Jetpack recharge buff? It fucking Blows.

This is also all from the perspective of a monster main, but for as many times as hunters have pulled ridiculous and unfair shit on me because of buffs, i’ve done it to them because buffs. S1 with cooldown or damage buff is like S2, and S3 with Slow target buff is insanely one-sided. It probably evens out between hunter wins and monster wins overall, but it takes a whole lot of skill and preparation and planning and throws it right down the toilet.


Exactly. It becomes a race to see who gets it first, and that’s just stupid. Also, the outcome of the game is often decided when one side or the other gets one of the more powerful buffs, which is exactly the type of ‘burst’ that the devs have been trying to move away from. It’s also just… silly to have something so luck based in the mode where you are supposed to be matched with others based on skill level.


At the very least halve, yes halve the duration of the buffs. 5 minutes out of a match that is supposed to last 20 minutes is ridiculous.


I could live with half the duration time for buffs. So when you see one at stage 1, you could decide to kill it to avoid having someone else take it or use it and make use of it, fast.


Buffs are exciting. Keep them in.

It is like a “12th Man” that can turn the tide of the battle.


How long do buffs last anyways? I believe it is actually quite long as it could last like 2-3 minutes last time I had one.


buffs last 5mins except for the health regen buff which lasts 2minutes for monsters and 3 minutes for hunters


Never did I say it was an unreasonable suggestion. I’m just saying couldn’t you have just revivified one of the hundreds of old threads?


Ah, apologies then. I misunderstood what you were trying to say


IMO. buffs should stay but durations need to be decreased. the values they give aren’t really too bad except for quickswitch/reload but thats because it gives BOTH quickswitch and reload at 40%.


Yeah but If you remove buffs, there’s no actual motivation for hunters to kill wildlife as opposed to just running past it.


You’re not supposed to kill the wildlife… You’re supposed to be chasing the monster.