Please Remove All Badge Colours Instead Of Locking Them


My suggestion is to remove all badge colours instead of locking them. This way, players can save the time they spend agonizing over why badge colours are locked or how to unlock them through obscure progression paths and spend it instead on complaining over the lack of badge colouring and asking for a working, flexible, and robust badge-colouring system similar to the old system but improved by allowing players to assign RGB values ourselves.

Update 2.03 Discussion Thread

Or- or- just unlock them all?

I see absolutely no point in locking them at all. Having to play a certain character constantly just to unlock one colour palette for one badge is not fun, it is not rewarding, it is just a frustrating, pointless grind.


Is that rly how color palettes are unlocked? One color palettes of one badge…? Oh my, I thought they will be unlocked all together at some point I don’t know. This is just… too much.


Either way, it’s still equally horrible in my opinion.


It’s worse, you can’t get all colours from progression alone, some are locked to events and daily login.



That’s simply awful.



Do I really need to grind through a character just to unlock the color blue for a badge?



Have fun!

Yeah it sucks, I know. Sticking to one badge right now because the rest look awful.


levelling up characters or your account doesn’t unlock all colours for that badge.
TRS WILL NOT give a straight answer.


Well then.

I mean, it should be something already made clear, in my opinion.


pretty much, but it’s TRS…always keeping players guessing, clueless and pissed :stuck_out_tongue:


I think players have been pretty satisfied lately.

But they do sometimes make strange decisions. This is one.


I am still waiting for badge colours to be patched out.


Patch 2.08 introduced the new Paladin Parnell, a Medic-class Hunter who clearly did not do his job of curing Evolve Stage 2 of the dreaded “Badge Colour Progessiona Unlockus Obscurum” sickness. I would like to suggest a motion to fire Paladin Parnell immediately.