Please remake the badge system


It is super anoying to make a proper badge.
When you click on a badge that you like in the badge creation, it should show the one that you just click. What happens now? It shows a sub menu with badges that you didnt even know that you have, and the badge that you oryginaly wanted is locked. So what is the point of showing it in the menu? In addition to that it would be super nice if we could navigate easier (with “A” - left, and “D” - right).

Having an ability to hide all the locked badges would be nice too.
Having a bigger grid with all the unlocked badges wouldd be a best way to go, making them smaller and fitting much more on the screen (lets say 12 unlocked for easy navigation)

Just wanted to say that this is more annoying than rewarding.


I’d also like the color unlock system to be removed. There should be rare badges earned in daily rewards, not “hey look, a generic badge but with yellow color palette!”

i don’t know what will come first, my old badge or Stage 2 to consoles.