Please reduce time between games


If I have one complaint about this game, bugs aside, it’s that it take too long to get into a game and then it takes too long to cycle into the next round.

I play on Xbox One and I spend an equivalent amount of time in loading screens as I do in the actual game.

I am not looking for ADD levels of COD like action, but when I sit down to play a game with buddies for an hour or two, I’d like to spend most of that time playing the amazing game you’ve created.

Last week I ran an experiment and it took me on average approx 8 minutes to get into a game after turning on my Xbox.

After completing a game it takes 3-7 minutes to get into another one from the time the winner is decided.

Considering most games last 5-15 minutes, this is about 30-50% of game time spent in menus.

In one example where I timed the interval between rounds, I waited 6:20s in loading screens and the game was finished in under 3 mins.

200% time in loading screens!

Here are some suggestions that can take minutes off loading times without big technical changes to level/character loading:

  • Cut the after action debrief significantly. 20-30 seconds max. And do not require everyone to ready up to pass it. Make the information being shown here available in a “previous match stats” section. If someone wants to assess their data, fine, but having everyone waiting around for 1:30 after every game is a waste of time.
  • Do something about monster players who delay their choice of monster until the last second in an attempt to hide their pick. It’s pointless because any experienced hunter team will know the monster after seeing the first footprint, yet you constantly get tools making everyone wait around for some ill-perceived advantage. And it just makes everyone wait around when the entire hunting team is ready to roll.
  • To expand on the previous point: make it so the character select loading section is broken into segments. 45 secs to choose your character (everyone knows who they want to play pretty quickly) then an additional 30 seconds to choose your perk. Lock in and reveal the team comp after 45 secs to give people a chance to adapt their play style quickly and reduce humming and hawing over what perk to bring.

Obviously there would be much longer play times and less relative loading times if matchmaking was more skill based.

You have no business putting a level 6 monster against my team of lvl 40, alpha testing vets. That game is guaranteed to finish in under 4 minutes.

And then he’s going to leave after we load into the next lobby (3 minutes loading), which glitches out our entire room and forces us to find a new game (another 7 minutes of searching and loading).

So, in those situations I am getting only 3 minutes of Evolve in for every approx 15 minutes of time.

I’d love to hear some other ideas about how to cut things down, because I am sure there are more ways to streamline the transition between games.


I highly suggest you do something else during that time. I love to multitask during waiting screens. My personal suggestions are either drawing or writing, playing an app on your phone or another mobile device, or having a movie play in the background. This doesn’t really solve the long wait times, but it does beat just sitting there staring at the screen :wink:


I agree, I’ve noticed an increased time trying to find matches with a full group of 4. We can never find a monster player, and when we do they leave after the first match and off we go to searching again.


Haha I do the same thing! I used to play Pokemon Shuffle on my 3DS because that took about 2-3 mins per level. At the moment I’m playing some Marvel game on the iPad.


I play the hunter quest game between loading screens. Ha, sometimes I even go idle while playing until we find the monster :blush:


I rather not multi-task, since I’m not giving whatever I’m doing my full attention.

Now, I’m not sitting there looking at the screen-- waiting for the game to load --but that’s not the point.

The point is when I sit down to play a game, I like to spend as much time as possible actually playing.

Some days I’ll sit with friends and maybe only get 30 mins of game time in an hour.

I feel this could be dramatically improved with some design changes. I understand if there are technical issues with loading on the XBone hardware, but I see lots of areas where people are sitting around for no reason.


To be fair, some games can last upwards of 20 minutes (Thanks Sunny) and the 7 minute wait period between rounds is good enough time to do other things like get food, drinks, use the bathroom, scroll through phone, watch videos, or read something.

It is annoying however when a match lasts like 6 minutes because the monster was bad and we get another long wait period. It just all depends.

There is a lot to look at and factor in for this game when waiting. You get less than a minute to look at your progression and round stats, a minute to look at the event log and overhead replay, and like 2-3 minutes to select your character and perk. Factor that in with the general map loading time, and it will take a while but you really shouldn’t mind it.

If you have time to play 25 minutes rounds, then you should have time to wait several minutes between those rounds is what I’m getting at.


I agree and disagree. The longer loading times are more bearable when you play longer (15+ mins) games, but 6-7 mins between rounds is too long IMO.

The problem is that this loading time is also not consistent. It can be 3 mins between games one time, then 6 mins the next. I can’t commit to doing something without knowing what it’s gonna be.

And still then, if I need to go and do stuff IRL, like get a drink, food, toilet etc… I’ll take a break.

I don’t want the game assuming I need that time ALL the time.

You have 2-3 mins to select your character and perk, but my team are usually done within 10-20 seconds. But someone forgets to ready up and everyone is waiting around for 2 mins.

What frustrates me also is that I want to watch the after action log and map plan view of the action, but it usually cuts out too soon, after one replay.

Why not just eliminate that whole after action section and let me view that stuff in the lobby of the next game?


The after game replay and event log should be looked at immediately when you get to that screen if you want to see it all. It’s short because they wanted to cut down the time spent on that screen, but still provide enough time to do a little bit of analysis if you want it. Also I think it’s the last screen you can quit on before you get a penalty.

Sometimes the loading is longer because people are playing with a character for the first time and need to watch that brief tutorial. I remember this because during the beta the load times were really long because it always seemed like a new person would join in your game and have to watch the video(s)

I know I don’t ready up (aka click my perk to go green) if more than 2 slots aren’t filled at all. I don’t want to start a game with a bot Val having Capacity and level 1 mastery knowing my chances of winning against a decent monster is 0 at that point. Although I do agree about the monster not picking their stuff and readying up when the lobby is full and ready to go.

I mean it goes both ways, but sometimes you want that extra time for people to select their characters if everyone is mic’d up and you want some sort of team strategy. If your support is Bucket but you want to play Val and you know you need a shield then you should be allotted some time to do something about it.

I see what your gripe is though. I just think there are more pros than cons about the pre game wait period.


I do pushups during the wait times. Keeps me from being too fat. lol


I go on forum on my iPad in between games


Wow, didn’t expect so much support / tolerance of the long load times. I agree with OP.

The load times can be frustratingly long. I often have 1-2 hours to play, and way too much of that time is soaked up by load and result screens.

Then there are the times when your game crashes after waiting 5 minutes to get in, resulting in another 5+ minutes to get into the next round. (on X1, this often messes up our party app, resulting in 10 mins of confusion, restarting xboxes, sending invites etc.) This happens at least once a night for my group and pretty much kills the night sometimes.


Wouldn’t you rather be playing tho?


Sometimes, not always. Gives me time to go pee, grab water/coffee, refresh my mind etc


I always thought that the actual game were the “loading screens” for the loading screens.

is like a mini game between loading screens, for you not get desperate until the next loading screen comes.



Most of the load times come from other players having bad connection.
Some times I wait less than a minute, sometime it takes so long that 3 people already disconected.


I agree with this it takes way too long to start games. Makes Evacuation feel 15 minutes longer than it should be.


That’s what “breaks” are for.


The time it takes between evac matches are super long.

It doesn’t bother me a ton but I do think that they could trim some of the time between matches.


If you know what monster is coming ahead of time you might pick the appropriate team to combat it.