(PLEASE READ OPENING POST)ToiletWraith's taking drawing requests!


Please please PLEASE read this post. I won’t say it anymore.
The requests I will take are Evolve-related, I will not draw animals/monsters, and I’m really sorry about that. I can make exceptions for animals if it is similar to that of the Torvald/puppy picture, but I really really cannot draw the monsters.

I’m taking drawing requests! Comment and I might take you up on your request depending on if its not too complex!

Bucket Salute: Complete

Bucket & Val : Complete @RobertOfPotatoland

Lazarus: Complete @LaggerCZE I tried ;_;

Hank grilling canyon eels : Complete @The_CreatorX

Hyde playing cards with Mags, griff, abe and bucket: Complete @Orangemoon44

Torvald with Bucket’s body: Complete @HerbalistGoesPvP

Crow and batman (o.O) : Complete-ish @WidowMakerSCOUT (I’ll come back to this one sometime, it was a bit of a weird one!)

Sunny giving Torvald a puppy in a box: Complete @ddlarnold

Val&Markov: Complete @Fluffington

Caira Griffin Popo groupie selfie: Complete! @XkrSkorpion

Daisy + Mags: Complete


Obvious reasons


Bucket eh? Nnnnnnnnnnnnh, I suppose that can work.
I guess I can draw multiple hunters if I get multiple suggestions XD


I need a picture of Val holding her sniper rifle and riding Daisy into battle.


I got requested Parnell riding Daisy into battle, I just don’t think I can draw it. xD


Damn :/. Val riding Bucket into battle?


@SlinkyGuy is a reason?

Cool. I’ll use him in my arguments from now on.

Back on topic, Laz. Laz all the way.


@RobertOfPotatoland Piggyback style? Like said picture? I could take a whack at it.


That would be ridiculously epic :stuck_out_tongue:


Alright. It’s on my list then. xD


Hank, grilling canyon eel?


Alright… I’m editing this post. This is gonna become my request/to do list!


It’s in a dropship conversation.


Torvald with the body of Bucket.


;_________; I’ll see what I can do guys. XD


It might be a little outside the scope of what you initially said, but Crow and Batman together.


On the list. Man I’m gonna have such a big backlog XD


Just so people know. I’ll post these finished requests to my deviantart, this thread, and the fanart thread.


@RobertOfPotatoland I’m not sure if I’m gonna be able to make your request the way I wanted it, it’s a little tricky. Hopefully this looks okay, or atleast where I’m going with it?
I’m not too sure about it myself, I really can’t do very good poses.


Instead of val riding Daisy into battle… why not daisy riding val :slight_smile: