Please read: Biggest imbalance in game is the matchmaking system!


Okay hear me out TRS… there have been soo many posts about hearing how broken monster is or hunter is since week 1. I do believe you gave us an amazing product out of the box that was as close to balanced as you could get it. I honestly believe that if you implemented a matchmaking system that is based on elo or rank like dota or lol has the game would of not took such a hard dip so fast. The main problem isnt the imbalance of monster and hunters… the main problem has and still is if you do not do something about the matchmaking system!

Mark my words TRS, if the matchmaking is not changed and you do not implement an elo system… this game will not grow. It will always be a random matchfest of frustration for hunters or monsters in solo que hoping to get same skilled teammates and monsters to play against. The telematry you are gathering is all from random matchmaking games where there are plenty of times that a high skilled monster player will be pitted against a lower skilled hunter team (vice versa).

For as long as the game has been out you have been gettin threads from left to right on how broken cabot/wraith was, and now how broken torvald, sunny, kraken, and the new wraith are. And i know you guys are smart, but I’m venting right now to let you know that it’s your random matchmaking that is spawning all these ideas of how broken x monster or x hunter is. Yes I do agree that some monsters are stronger then others and some hunters as well… but that does not mean they are op. Just because a monster or hunter has a higher win % chance does not mean hes broken. I come from playing competitive dota and there are heroes that are stronger in the meta game compared to other heroes. That doesn’t necessarily mean those heroes are broken, they are just stronger in the meta game and have a higher chance of winning than other heroes.

I do hope evolve keeps growing in its hunter monster base that gives more different options of hunters to better counter different monsters based on team compostion. It’s an amazing game for a gamer base that likes moba, fps, and team coordinated play. This game has a lot of strategy that draws the moba crowd in, precise aiming skills that should draw the fps crowd in, and a somewhat rpg system in your perks leveling. Your game has every little bit of each major genre and you added a new Hunting genre that is amazing and a breath of fresh air! Its a shame this game is not bigger then it is.

Gamers I hope you are all aware and know that all competitive versus games are REPETITIVE in GAMEPLAY whether it be dota, lol, cs, l4d2, sc2, etc. So it is ridiculous to knock Evolve for having REPETITIVE GAMEPLAY… dota has ONE MAP and is the biggest game on steam by FAR (although it does have a huge hero base). And having that huge variety of combinations to play out on the SAME ONE MAP over and over is what makes the game so popular and HUGE in the eSports scene. But the GAMEPLAY is repetitive… farm, gank, map control and rotations, team oriented pushing and battles, defend, … yeah its repetitive gameplay. Just more heroes and items which gives more different combinations to achieve the end goal, breaking into the oppositions base and destroying their reactor… oh wait, that sounds a bit like evolve… farm (eating wildlife to stage up), gank (picking off lone hunters), map control and rotations (both relevant for hunting team and monster), team oriented pushing and battles (dome battles), and defend (defending the reactor). Yes yes I know Dota is much much more deep then Evolve but i am strictly talking about REPETITIVE GAMEPLAY.

Evolve is just barely getting started, and is a tougher game to balance out because of the unorthodox 4v1 vs comparded to all the other team oriented competitive games out there that are mostly 5v5s. I am sure as the hunter and monster pool starts the grow that should give the game more life, just got to wait and be dedicated that this game will grow.

I can see this game being in the eSports scene just from seeing skilled and coordinated teams crushing lesser skilled monsters or skilled monsters crushing lesser skilled or uncoordinated hunting teams. And then seeing very close games when hunters and monster are even skilled. Although I believe at the moment right now a high skilled hunting team has a slightly higher win % then a high skilled monster… and thats only based on tourneys that have been played. And those were open tourneys where anyone could sign up, not professional tournaments… so there will still be disparity between each teams playing.

Being skilled in this game (and any other competitive game for that matter) is not just about having the best aim or hand eye coordination, but also knowing how to map control, and positioning yourself in the most favorable outcome; And that goes for both hunter and monster. Those are the biggest cores in differentiating a high skilled player vs a lower skilled player.
Just going to lay a few tips for map control as hunters… As a hunting team you do not ever want the trapper to be the one directly chasing the monster, he should mainly be circling around the middle parts of the map and not traversing the edges of the map. A good trapper will stay near map choke points and cutoffs. Use assaults/medics to chase monsters and flush to the zone that is favorable for your team and where ur trapper can dome (although a good monster will just always try to avoid the trapper and run back through assault/medic if needed). But hunters beware… for the most part, a good monster will have the bigger advantage of positioning on the map because of his higher movespeed… Good monsters will dictate where they want to fight. A good hunting team has to cut off the monster and trap a monster before he gets to his favorable spot… and if he does get to his spot, try to flush him out of that area instead of just running and doming just because your trapper caught up to him there which is what the monster wants. Good hunting teams will know what areas to avoid doming but if its absolutely necessary to dome for a monster that is very elusive and skilled, they will just have to dome and pick the best positioning possible as a team in the dome.

On top of those cores, another thing that distinguishes high skill vs low skill is on the fly adjustments in battle and knowing how to prioritize as hunter when to attack a monster, dodge, shield, cloak, heal, poon, cc, orbital, etc to maximize the most damage potential and minimize the most damage incoming.
And as monster needing to prioritize which hunter to focus downing based on team comp (there should be a priority 1 and 2 hunter to down FIRST and for the most part it is usually medic and support, but that may be interchangeable depending on positioning in battle), shift focus if that hunter is being shielded, jetpacked, or cloaked (still can have good sense where they are if cloaked by watching footprints, jetpack fuel burning, or just pure instinct) to a different hunter to maximize overall damage potential and minimize damage incoming (because your heavy attacks or some skills will knockback assault which will pause his constant stream of dps on you), to shifting back to priority 1 or 2 hunter when they are in unfavorable positioning, shield/cloak is depleted, etc. There is another thing good monster players will do and that is pick off out of position hunters on the chase; like trappers that stray to far from group. Also picking favorable terrain to fight on or next to elite wildlife is also in the monsters favor (although sometimes that may backfire and the elite wildlife will attack the monster!)

I only explained the difference of skillset so others can see what they can do to improve their skillset which is MAP CONTROL and POSITIONING. Every single competitive game will differentiate pro gamers and amateur gamers even if you have the best aim or hand or coordination because of MAP CONTROL and POSITIONING.

Anyways coming back around again to my main point… I believe what will really help the game is if they match based on an elo system where same skilled hunters and monsters are able to play against each other. That way its fun and challenging for both parties and not just a pub bash for either the higher skilled monster or hunter team.

Take for instance… If dota had their ranked matchmaking where it was random and there was an imbalance with one team ranked in 4000 vs another team ranked in 2000… The higher ranked team would crush them so easily the lower ranked team will think that whatever heroes they were using were op or broken.

In saying that, right now the matchmaking system is so random in evolve… When a low skilled hunter team comp plays a high skilled monster… Theres nothing else but to think and cry monster is broken or op (And vice versa against a high skilled hunter team, low skilled monsters will call hunters op). So thats understandable. If you played any other game against a professional gamer… Whether it be dota, starcraft, lol, cs, tf2… You would think they were hacking because of how easily they would be able to beat you.

Anyways… i apologize for this long essay and rant, but I really wanted to get to the root of this games problem. This game was made and had potential to be in the eSports scene… but not implementing an elo matchmaking system with same skilled players kills the balance of competitive play. TRS, if you originally envisioned this being a competitive game, then you need to gather data and telematry from games with evenly skilled players. That is how dota nerfs/buffs their heroes, through professional tournaments and the meta game they play (i know im comparing to dota and thats really tough to warrant a comparision since that game has been out for ages). Also left4dead2 is a rage inducing game in public games with random matchmaking since lower skilled players will be crushed by higher skilled… but they have a mod called promod that balances and tweaks the game for competitive gamers… that still makes left4dead2 a viable competitive game in the somewhat competitive scene even with a horrible open host server system that can spawn imbalance in teams.

Anyways, I believe that ranked matchmaking will solve a ton of issues with gamers saying monsters or hunters are broken. Its the imbalance in matchmaking player skillset then the imbalance of monsters and hunters themselves.

On a bright note, TRS you have done a wonderful job trying to create the most balanced game possible only 2 months in. I do hope this game keeps going and i hope that it will grow once elo or ranked matchmaking is put in play. The matchmaking system should be your biggest concern if you want your game to grow!!! It may even start a competitive scene. We just need a bigger playerbase!!!


They’re making Ranked right now, actually. Should be exciting.


Sweetness! Glad to hear that. Looking forward to it!


I get that you have a lot to say about the game, and you’re probably very passionate about it, but you know that they have a lot of feedback to sift through, right? You’re much more likely to have your stuff read if you make it short and sweet.


Ehh, I thought it was interesting enough to read it. i don’t know a lot about DOTA but I have a decent enough grasp on concept of what he was saying and i think just everything he said was true. If you were to simply look at leaderboards WLR you would see that players with very high WL like 2.5 or higher either play as monster a lot and are very good at it or they play with a pre-made team of hunters. However, like Roses said they should be added a ranked system soon and I just hope it will interesting enough to make me want to hit whatever the top tear is. Maybe they will go with simple numbers like Halo 3 (1-50) or maybe tiers like CoD BO2 or LoL (Bronze, silver, gold etc.)


Here’s the short and sweet. =)

I believe that ranked matchmaking will solve a ton of issues with gamers saying monsters or hunters are broken. It’s the imbalance in matchmaking player skillset than the imbalance of monsters and hunters themselves. TRS, if you originally envisioned this being a competitive game, then you need to gather data and telematry from games with evenly skilled players.