PLEASE QoL Change The Menus & Character Pages



Dear TurtleRock
First let me say I was one of the many who did not try to play Evolve at all when it first came out. F2P was a great model Idea, however, as someone brand new to everything that is “Evolve” or “TurtleRock”'s style of games, I have a lot of Menu suggestions that this game desperately needs. Quality of Life changes if you will:

~Character Skills in Shop - It is ridiculous that I can’t hover over a character in the shop and read their skills. What does this character do? I have to wait and read the entire synopsis of this one character? Then I have to guess if that is my playstyle? One idea could be that clicking on the character opens up a Bio page for said character with a video that could list the very basics of what makes that Character unique. What type of gun they shoot, etc.

~Store In General - I have no clue what I’m looking at. I want to buy a character, I have no clue what anyone does, what class anyone is, and I have to read what little of a description everyone has. A tab to sort out what class of character you want to buy should be implemented. (I want to play Medics.)

~Character Skills when Selecting Character Before Match - Let’s be real, not everyone is going to read a manual or have a friend who will give them a heads up on what all skills every character has (I had a veteran friend play with me and even he didn’t tell me my skills). Cater to the new crowd, always. If I click on a character, see their skills to the right, I should be able to hover over those skills and read a quick synopsis of What type of skill I’m dealing with. I would like to think Damage could be also told in these tabs, as to better build a fluid team of Damage/Defense/support.



This I know is something the Devs are working on right now because it’s very unclear, and you should be able to make an informed decision when spending that many SKs to unlock a character.

They’re also working something like a perk tree so you can look them up besides in the character selection where there’s a timer so you can’t read too much.


To add to this: please let us scroll down character rewards so we can see what we’re going to be unlocking if we invest in a character. I didn’t even realize leveling up a character gave you perks, and when I went to check I could only see what the next four would be.


Yeah this is something that I am hoping they’ll update soon, we’ve been getting a lot of questions about it on the subreddit as well and to be honest even veterans don’t fully understand them.


Yep, I’ve mentioned that to them, too.
I’m not sure why you can’t, it boggles the mind lol


Good idea. More information on the screens is needed. Maybe even with a little bio of the characters. Or tutorial videos like they had in the old game. And please add stats for the weapons and cooldown times.


I think we should keep in mind that it’s a beta. And it’s less than a week old, too.

But yeah, some quality of life changes for the menus are needed. I’m sure they’ll have them out soon.