Please put a level restriction on Wraith



No new player EVER is going to understand how to fight that thing. Make it level 15 or something. I dont have a doubt in my mind this monster just shouldnt exist in the first hand, but if you wnat a player base to have fun, make this guy wait to be played or delete him.

Or, make a tutorial on how to counter and beat the wraith next. That should be the number one main monster issue if any.

I’ve started dodging games every singe time someone waits to instant lock Wraith, He is anti-fun.



Devs won’t delete wraith, but a lvl requirement sound interesting.


na shes getting a nurf, shes just got a slight one and there will be another larger one next update. look in patch notes


“Waits to insta-lock”? I hope you know you can’t see the monster and they cannot see you until everyone picks or the timer runs out.


Which would obviously mean that the hunter team has already chosen and locked in their perks already.