Please Program Daisy To Do This Again ! A Must Watch!


This is amazing it seems she used to haul ass and run away when she was alone.

Allow Maggie to command Daisy

i agree with this guy


Damn, looks like Daisy has been working out! Did you see how she led that Goliath into the mines?.. o_o


Daisy MVP!


I understand for new players she would run away and hide but these days she just stands there it’s annoying she should run away like this.


Holy crap!
This is now my favorite Evolve YT video LOL


Aaaaahhhhh, the good old days of Alpha. Such fond memories when goliath was strong and Kraken was unbeatable. Laz was the best medic to ever be created, and bucket was super damage. good times, good times.


Well at least wasn’t super cheap and pounced Daisy.


Daisy is the true MVP.

I saw shining videos of a greatest hound! I forgot the name of the video, but I saw one where Daisy (last alive) ran into a trapjaw pack and bowed her head. The monster zoomed straight past her! Haha There was another one where Daisy and Goliath were alone. She charged him, turned around and ran up a wall into another story. The Goliath gave chase. She had baited him into an entire minefield! Hunters won!

Oh Daisy. No one could replace you. Not even Gobi.


A 2 minute Daisy juke? wipes tear from her eye so beautiful…


OG daisy too OP PLEASE NERF!!!


Daisy definitely does still run from the monster on occasion. I’m not sure if she’d run this far or not. This goliath does not seem to be aware of the fact that he has traversals.


It was like watching the COPS version of Evolve. XP

Daisy has won my heart.


Wow daisy is a beast! The jukes were real man!!


I definitely would not mind this being a feature of daisy as she is usually collateral damage in a fight and she usually just lumbers around during when everyone is dead.

I won’t stand on the basis that her AI might have changed or anything but I would like to see her haul ass consistently like this again.


@MidnightRoses would be proud.


I think they got rid of this due to it being frustrating for people to lose her if they just lost sight for a second, basically giving tje team a free respawn.


But I feel it would add to her usefulness as of now once she finds the monster she does nothing and only revives if he’s far away most people just pounce her but it would be cool I every known again she got away and helped the team.


I really want this back D: It’s the same as leaving the last man alive and letting him get away. Daisy leaves tracks as it is, and she has no abilities to defend herself other than running. It works against the hunters, too, as it means that if the monster moves away, he can gain a LOT of distance (potentially) to gather himself again.

It would also mean there’s more of a reason to kill daisy.


I don’t care what midnight thinks, this is why I love Daisy.