Please one slight thing

This is going to sound like one of those threads I know but can we please have something describing arena on home screen of game this week.
I’ve had 3 games of it so far, first I was asked who is hacking.
Then two were only me and one other person knew what kind of game arena was.
Just for the ones who don’t play custom can there be something saying " arena now in arcade, best of three dome battles"
Or something.
Pretty please


Basically right, Arena is a best of 3 fight to the death in specific points on a map. The dome is already down and you kinda just fight it out. The monster is fully armoured and Stage 2 and can Evolve at any point, when they have enough energy. That’s about it really.

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Oh I know that.
But there is a lot of noobs out these last few days and like I said, other than me only one other player out off the 3 games knew what arena was before hand.
I tried explaining it in all 3 at the mm screen and just got called names…

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Ooooh, so you want a description of it for newbs? I’ll tag peeps then.

@snowkissed @Insane_521 @mizx @MacMan


I more just think it would be good idea to replace Babot on the home screen as a lot of casuals don’t play custom and don’t read patch notes.
More to benefit pubs tbh

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Edit- recatagorised as suggestion

We can’t put it as the main menu video, but I could add it to the newsfeed! I’ll do that right now. <3


Done! :tara_knows:


You are awesome <3