Please offer a more in depth tutorial for each character

With hunt 2.0 out I have seen a lot more variations in skill level. Some very good players and others not so much… It has become very frustrating to be paired with people that just haven’t got the basics of their class/character down. So I would find it to be helpful if the advanced tutorial video for each character would also be played along side the basic video. Along with offering advice of when to use abilities. For example so many supports don’t use cloak to help a pressured team mate and instead just save it for when someone is downed which rarely works or to save themselves and run away.

TL;DR Pubs is frustrating .-.

The videos explain alot of things. I loved them. I still go back to them every now and then. Just for a quick recap. Because you never know…there might have been something you missed or forgotten.

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Yeah I’ve watched all the videos for each character even if I don’t have them unlocked(dlc) so I at least know how to work with them. Unfortunately the issue is I don’t think many players even bother to go out of their way to watch those even though they are helpful.

Welcome to the new era of gaming. Where manuals and tutorials take “too long” to do and yada yada yada. RTFM man RTFM…

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I swear man way to accurate. So many times I hear people say I didn’t know you could do this or I didn’t know it does that. When the information is explicitly told to you in a tutorial or a hint menu that’s 5 seconds away. All you can do is facepalm and be happy you were blessed with common sense.

Edit: I swear people just like to make things harder on themselves.

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It’s a rare superpower. :3

I for one love reading the manuals. Always did back in the ps1 days. (couldn’t find manuals for the Nintendo and the like though.)

Those were a nice read. I enjoyed reading them and still do.


I’ve always liked reading the manuals as well they always had nice information. Now a days you get a slip of paper that just has warning labels.

Yeah…but games like evolve have nice tutorial videos and a actual play through tutorial. In fact…I might go play the tutorial right now. (Hunter one because hunter=master race.)

Rare like an albino. The buff gives common sense.


Only lasts 30 seconds though. :wink:

30 seconds? Talk about over powered >.>

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Yes just bring along behemoth and spec into lava bomb have the hunters stand in lava bomb(They do this anyways so no instruction needed). Ta Da! Smores and crys of OP.

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