Please no more teasers more than 1 week before release (Arachnophobe warning)


I know that the Gorgon is going to be showcased in the livestream today. But as much as I want to be hyped, I am not. I was hyped at the beginning, even at mid-october but - I dont know why - yesterday my hype died. I am still excited but not hyped. The time difference between the teaser and the acutual reveal was just too long.
Please 2K, dont tease something that is going to take another month. At least have a trailer with some gameplay or a rendered scene (like with Behemoth) but no more teases. It makes me think that the reveal is sooner than it is, Gorgon was obviously going to be released around Halloween, just like the Medic is most likely shortly after Christmas and the Support at the 1 year anniverary. So please no teasers before 20th December and 1st February. I want to be hyped, please!


I think they only started doing the reveals this early was because of the information leaking unto Amazon. Call it damage control, rather than actual marketing going wrong.


Did you not hear about how Maddcow is showcasing his gameplay tomorrow?


Of course I did. But I can not get me hyped :frowning:


You mean today? :stuck_out_tongue:



Post must be 10


Squuuuueeeeeee. :smile:
So stoked.
OP, you should be hyped. Nobody knows what Gorgon does!!!


It kills
It purples


That isn’t his point. It’s the fact that it took this long to get ANYTHING from TRS is what he’s getting at.

Moral is “Don’t tease weeks and weeks and weeks before actual release… the Hype will die by the time the release comes.”

Which is where I’m at as well. I loved the new concept of the Monster (not really new because we already had speedy sneaky but oh well to that) but after waiting and waiting there’s not much to it now.

There are so many games coming out and that are out that will snag a lot of players outside of Evolve. Sure some of them like me will come back from time to time for “craps and giggles” but that’s about it.


But the reveals were caused by the Amazon leaks, blame them


Well Amazon stated the name and the 3rd November as release for the Ultimate edition. But every single teaser made me think that the monster is going to be released very shortly, where it was in fact a month.


We already knew about Gorgon before Amazon leaks.

I am actually happy that Amazon leaked the damn name of the Monster. TRS couldn’t at least do that for us?

They could have pieced and pieced it to us instead of “Here’s an outline and a sound of the Monster two months before release (but you don’t know release because “Soon™”) get Hyped and stay Hyped for that time period! Please…”

Not impressed by this marketing strategy.


…oh well.The devs can take as long as they want. In my eyes the longer it takes the better the monster.

How the hype feels-


But what if it doesnt kill?
And it isnt purple?


…then we all must run.


Well, I could argue it goes both ways. This is the first thread I’ve seen saying the hype has died, (and I get where you guys are coming from!! We’ve been waiting awhile) but there are so many people constantly complaining that content doesn’t come sooner. Before the Gorgon teaser, everyone was complaining we hadn’t heard anything, that there’s been no news in so long. They only started the Instagram teasers a few weeks back, that’s not absurd. Heroes of the Storm announces new heroes Months before they drop, and showcases they’re gameplay. Frankly lots of games do it.

Would it be more exciting if they teased Gorgon a few days before she dropped? Yes, it would!! But there wouldve been tons of threads demanding info and new content, I guarantee it.


Honestly, I don’t understand why it is the job of TRS to track and manage everyone’s “hype levels.”


Perfect wording. Flawless, best way to describe it.

They can’t please everybody, I know I’m still hyped. OP, maybe the gameplay tomorrow will renew your hype.


Although the stream is today. Could be time zones…maybe


That gif, I love it!! So freaking cute!!