Please Nerf The Venom


The things people say to me is just beyond my comprehension. I main Wraith yes, but does that warrant others to bash me? Even when I am hunter I have been picked on by the lobby, one occasion they apparently set it up among one another to spawn kill me at the start and kill me every time I came back from drop. If Wraith was placed in the game by the devs and I enjoy her style of stealth and trickster play, then I don’t think there is nothing wrong with a hater dying in a grease fire me playing Wraith.


There’s a lot of hate and stigma towards Wraith because she’s not fun to play against as Hunter, some people enjoy fighting her, most don’t though, which is evident to the recent string of nerfs to her.

Stealth and trickster play? I don’t really agree with that, she just has more mobility compared to the others and most Wraiths mostly employ a strategy of spamming traversals and Warp Blasts to evade Hunters all match until they reach Stage 3 (which still works pretty well after the nerfs). I’ve had the odd chance of a Wraith of actually engaging but that’s not really common.

Do you deserve the hate? No, not really, while I hate Wraith and wouldn’t care if it was deleted from the game you have the right to play it.


I want another stealth monster


Using decoy to close the gap and get a pounce, supernova to cause distress and make hunters spread out, clearly I must be doing something wrong.

Evading hunters till stage 3 is something any smart monster can achieve if the hunters can’t coordinate together effectively. As for dome dancing monsters, what do you expect?


She is more hit and run, and to a lesser degree stealth and trickery


Which unfortunately did nothing to address her toxic playstyle of “never fight, always escape”. You can still warp 3x and warp blast every dome with ease.


i love wraith! i like to abduct hunters and kill them one at a time, she is THE assassin


I don’t mock Wraith players to their face, but let’s just say it gets annoying chasing something that, realistically, we will only be able to hurt if it wants to fight.

Can’t really blame anyone for using something that TRS put in the game though - I played her myself without Decoy for awhile before recently rediscovering the wonders of a Goliath Rock Throw.


I’m guessing you are playing ons ps4 or xbone? And they way I can detect why people are raging so much on you is because you mainly use decoy spam and super nova, am I correct so far?
Yeah well, i’m expecting a “omg wraith is useless now!!!” post from you in the near future when you get the “new patched wraith”.

At the moment it’s just to easy to get to stage3 with wraith and if you are lucky to dome her, she just decoys away and you are just running around like a couple of idiots till she finally hits stage3 and then wrecks everyone because she got full health stage3.

After the patch you will 1) get alot more domes, yes even at stage1, so you will also get domes at stage2 which means you will not get easy stage3 mindless zerg fests anymore or you will DIE. 2) you can’t just run and spam decoy in a dome, you will have to fight and play alot more smart. Because if you decoy in front of the hunters, they will shoot the living sh*t out of you.

But yeah, i’m guessing you will drop your favorite wraith after the patch :smile:


I want the patch so people will stop bullying me for playing Wraith. I play her for fun, not for the “stage3 zerg fest”.


I want to feel for you. But I just can’t.

You may not even main Wraith after the patch.


I can almost guarantee it :smile: Wraith plays so much different after the patch, and the “sneaky” play(decoy spam) goes out the window.

But if you do stick with her, all the power to you man!


How I play Wraith or how I will have to play Wraith is not the concern I have, its the treatment I get for it.


I personally don’t send venom to Wraith players. But when you get on a game and do something that you know will potentially ruin/sour the time of 4 other people you should expect a negative response. You don’t like the venom and they don’t like the Wraith. I’m not defending people who send you unnecessary hate but I understand where they’re coming from. I’d be totally on your side if you didn’t “main” Wraith. If you just played her occasionally. But I’m a bad guy so… Eh


Yeah but you know. If you play like a dick, people will act like a dick back. It’s the same in all sports/game. If you play basketball and you constantly keep pushing me in my back, you better expect some major elbow action back.


The two things are intertwined, so you should be concerned about the former to understand the latter.


Even used properly, I feel like Wraith is potentially the most frustrating monster to play against.

I played against a decent Wraith yesterday, who used the monster’s kit without abusing it to play hit and run. Really can’t blame the guy, he played it fair and square, but in the end, it was a less than thrilling experience, as hunters kits are ill suited against this gameplay.


Yeah, to be completely honest, wraith is just way too fast to keep up with. If u can get a some in then you have time to deal significant damage to her, but their warps cause them to stay a lot farther away from the hunters than any other monster. I know that she’s meant to be the stealth class, and that she has nothing to do with the alien franchise. But by stage 3, the hunters are the marines and she’s the alien, and we know how this ends.


Just started playing Wraith, and she is probably going to be my main in a few weeks practise. I absolutely love her playstyle. Even though I sometimes feel cheap for evading domes just like that, I tend to do this mostly against good teams that try to stealth dome me at a disadvantageous position. Against teams that won’t even try stealth doming you might as well fight and win the games at evo1 evo2 <6 minutes and be done with it.
Yet I hate playing against those Wraith players myself that are constantly hiding in the dome and traversing around 2 minutes whithout actually doing anything but being a douche. Might as well go for a strike or two depending on the setup/environment and make the game engaging and interesting for both parties. It’s just so much fun landing that perfect Warp Blast splitting up the team and isolating a Hunter to get a strike in instead of just running and running and running and running until evo3 without having actually done anything in 20 minutes.
Against good teams it’s even more important to get strikes in at rarely evo1 mostly evo2 than just to run to evo3. Most Wraiths just get blown up by those teams the way they play the chickenwraith.

People are still traumatized by all the decoy bs Wraiths they encountered all the way up to lvl 40 which leaves them with a bad feeling everytime they play against Wraith nowadays I guess.
I have maybe played one lobby more than once with Wraith the past week. People just quit the moment they hit ground or after they lost. Even though this happens with every Monster when you steamroll through a pug, it’s definitely worse with Wraith. The moment I get to play Hunter due to new people dropping in in the intermission phase I just leave and requeue, since the ones that tend to stay are occasionally rather salty towards you.


She only plays different if you were running to stage 3 and relying on decoy to avoid damage. She will be a lot slower though. The problem is for the few of us that were actually engaging at stage 2 and trying to make a fun game will get punished because she relies heavily on her mobility (which got nerfed to hell) see my wraith match video for example.