Please nerf stage 3 behemoth health


No behemoth takes so much damage and is so clunky its is already hard to win.


Did u read the my post orbital x14 on stage 2 its ridiculous


I mean,hes the Tank of the monsters,why the hell will you nerf his health?

hes already clunky and hard to use


Um, no, Behemoth has absolutely no need for nerfs, if you can’t deal enough damage to a Behemoth then you need to work on your aim


Then ur playing a good behemoth


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That being said, I believe Behemoth has the most damage output of any of the Monsters at the moment. I’m not sure what the best change would be because I don’t follow Behemoth very much in terms of his stats/balance. Some people, like you say to lower his health, and others say he deals too much damage.

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I’m sorry but Behemoth as of now is about as useful as a mobile toaster-oven.

He’s squishy, he takes way too much damage, and he is only really punishing if everything goes in his favor which is extremely unlikely but not impossible.

Also this is after the fact that Stage 3 Monsters are about as effective as the dull knife in the kitchen. Since Stage 1 got a miniscule buff and Stage 3 got a very large nerf the last thing we need is even more Stage 3 nerfs.

That being said I shall express my feelings in what I feel is the most appropriate gif I have.

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You. I like you. And also, I agree with you.

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Behemoth’s health has already gotten nerfed. In the same patch he got “buffed”, actually. Didn’t really balance him out, either because he melts just as quickly. The only thing it changed was that Parnell is slightly less effective against him, now.

Behemoth has a 50% decrease on bullet damage for most of his body, but many Hunters that are heavy damage-dealers don’t primarily use bullets, so he basically just got a health nerf.

I feel Behemoth’s in a good spot, though. He’s one of the easier Monsters to fight, what with him being massive and aiming being optional.


50% less bullet dmg; wouldn’t that make Parnell better with shotgun pellets and rockets?
Confused :slightly_smiling:

They also decreased his “rocky armor plate” on his back, less weakspots as before. This is addition with 50% reduction on bullets.

meaning none of support, all of trapper except abe, markov gun / hyde minigun / lenny gun ?

I just want to rule out my confusion :smiley:

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No his not I wouldn’t say this unless I played behemoth first no hard to use and I’ve rockwalled relay in which all the hunters had yo set there and watch me destroy it my strategy with behemoth is take out assult first no assult no major damage be done and the others ability to run are slim to none so that being said I feel as if I’m cheating when I play behemoth and the problem I see is high health with a high damage output


Yea you’re right, I deleted my post and I apologize to the OP for insulting him/her.


If he has too much health at stage 3, then he’ll have less if you do more damage at stage 1 and 2.
He’s suppose to be tank ya know.

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Alot of the time easier said then done and by stage 2 he wants to down assult


Most monster’s I know will target medic or support first to get the backbone down.
Health damage is worth the strike on a medic.


Well behemoth is a heavy hitter able to break shields easily and you have a wall so I tend to take out the one who can do damage


Behemoth is a joke right now on PC. He could do with more health in his current state.

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I think that’s inaccurate all systems are the same only thing I’d see making a true differences is the ability to control him and I watched just the other day a behemoth silver expert reck a silver master team on PC


Shotgun pellets are bullets. The only characters really affected by the 50% reduction are Torvald, Parnell, all the Trappers, and Hank. Torvald has Mortars and weakspots, so those easily make up for any lost damage, and Parnell has high DPS and SS, so he also more than makes up for the reduction. Hank shouldn’t matter because he shouldn’t be shooting that much, anyways. Basically, it’s just the Trappers that took the hit, and they’re the third least damaging class, so it really hit them.

I think Hyde and Lenny’s secondaries (the Minigun and Autocannon) might be a little weak anyways, but it does hurt them a little.

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He is only squishy if u play him wrong