Please nerf elite wildlife buffs, or add vote to disable them in skirmish, these buffs ruin the fun of evolve


Monster gets a headstart to claim any elite buff he wants before hunters even drop, also when hunters die they lose any buff they had, also buffs seem to last longer on monster… why? I don’t want to play with broken buffs like 35% more damage so rock throw and lightning strike basically one shot people, or 35% reduction making it so u cant break through armor, or traversal so the monster can outrun hunters all day. Buffs last long enough for a monster to hit stage 2 and still have a buff they got in stage 1 then go for a win. Hell they last until stage 3 sometimes or if you have feeding speed perk and dont get caught. Its just lame to lose a game because of a buff regardless of how well you did.

Id like to see all buffs nerfed to about 1/3 of what they are now, like
10-12% dmg/resist/speed etc, and since monster gets a headstart towards
these buffs, I would set a spawn timer on them so that hunters are able
to compete for these buffs, Also since monster can deny buffs from
hunters by eating it, let hunters also deny the monster from buffs, OR
let hunters also get a buff the monster killed. Also the duration of
buffs seem to last longer on monster that needs to be fixed so its same
as hunters.


I like the vote option, but how would it be decided? What if monster says buffs but hunters say no buffs? I just feel like thatd cause animosity that is entirely unneeded


lol it’s true, honestly these buffs need to be on par with the character buffs or only a minor improvement or completely removed. most good monsters will go get damage resist or increase and win stage 2 because of how much it gives. its like a meta if you want to win 90% of the time. look for the 35% buff and proceed to win xD however the wildlife buffs do add an intimate part of the game, and i like the idea of them however i believe they are a bit too high.


So people got the Wrath nerf they have been crying for, now there on to the next thing which seems to be wildlife buffs lmao


Simple fix. They don’t become available until one minute after the hunters land.


Just tone them down, that’s it. Really.


Hey that’s my idea, but I said 2 min, to give the hunters time to get to the buff!


Split the difference? 1:30?


That’s fine with me!


Its a gameplay mechanic. If you don’t want the monster to have buffs, go kill all the elite wildlife before the monster can.


I also think this is a good idea, but I would still like the buffs to change a little. 35% buff seems a little to much to me. I love the idea of wildlife buffs just don’t like them right now.


If the Monster has these buffs and wastes them early in the match, keep your distance but keep harassing them, at least for damage up or down. Let them run their course and then when he needs them in a critical point later, he won’t have them. They are very powerful, but they are also very temporary. If you’re doming a monster who you know has a 35% damage bonus, you’re either very brave or very stupid.


You can’t always do that. I go after them as soon as the match starts. Hunters are still on the drop ship.


So? You’re still stage 1. And if you get them all as stage 1, your just canceling them all out and keeping the last one you eat.


I’ll be stage two shortly after I get it. Then I’m going hunting.


And??? Stage 2 monster vs hunters should be a pretty good fight if they are a good team. If we cater the monster to the worst hunter teams, the best ones will be unbeatable.


I’m saying I’ll be stage 2 shortly after I get the buff. I’ll still have it.


Don’t think I’ve ever gotten my buff of choice before the hunters even land, that’s an exaggeration. Seems like the only buffs you hate are the monster ones too, kinda silly. I can say from personal experience that buffs don’t “ruin” any of the fun in the game, the entire premise of the game is imbalance and overcoming them.


I’m not sure about the vote option but the buffs are too strong. You have to do everything wrong to lose with the sloth buff at stage 2 or 3.


it would apears so and it’s not even for rank play.