Please merge South america server with North america


I have played against 5 players since the release it’s been about 12 hours now, South america population is really low, the search times are abysmal, I had to force myself to play with bots, me and my friend bought the game, and now we are taking turns on being the monster or doing vs the AI, because there is like no one around.

I read somewhere that you were working on making dedicated servers? becuase right now it is peer to peer right?

Could you give me and other south american players an insight if this could be posible?

My hype for the game is still super high, but this hit me hard also. I only play vs bots to be honest, no one is online. =(


Seconded, I’m in Argentina and I didn’t have problems in the Beta, but I see how this could be a problem as of right now.


Please no. I still have dota nightmares.

When people with 3000 ping come into the game and disconnect it’s really frustrating.


Merging with NA is not really going to help more than likely.


Oh no, please don’t tell me it’s that bad :frowning:
I’m from Brazil. The beta was fine for me, despite sometimes getting into a really laggy server. But I never had to wait more than 3 minutes for a game.


Hey, if you want to play with America just download

Then join a low ping US(probably Texas) VPN. And you’ll be good to go. I was playing in South Korea until it released in the US lol.


I played a few matches last night. It’s not bad at all, at least in Brazil. Took me seconds to find games and I did end up playing with a couple of north americans, maybe even europeans. It just seems like it has a preference for players in your region.


Hello !! it’s me again :smiley: I have added every person I played with so far, I have around 6 people. Funny thing is, when no one of them is online I cant find a game at all. I also spoke with them and asked them how is their experience, and they agree with me that is so hard to find a game.

Still most of my gametime is against bots, and that gets old fast.

I will keep this post to record my experience. Also I would like if you could check what is hapening because on the leaderboards I can see there are “plenty” of people, but the game doesnt find a match.

As I said, I play with the same 6 people 24/7 and if they are not online, I cant find a game.

Good day !


I’ve heard changing your download server in steam settings will get you results.

In case this gets dug up…


That must be tough but I don’t want to imagine what a Wraith could do with high latency. I feel like being a gamer in South America is too much work. Seems like the rest of the population agrees and that’s why you only have 6 people to play with.

Ever think about emigration?


i would really like a server browser.there’s not much player in my country or around it.Please make a server browser or atleast a regional change settings


See my post above.


Ended doing what this awesome dude said, now I can actually play with people. Thank you so much again !!


im from uruguay and im having no problem finding games , all brazilians tho , i don’t speak portuguese