Please make waggie playable and viable please!

Please make Wasteland maggie playable and viable again please!



Waggie is pretty viable at the moment, she’s just very easy to play at the moment so she can’t really have that much power. She’s just a watered down trapper who can easily do stuff and always a little bit a damage going.

Give us the option to change daisy’s behavior by pressing 3.
a cycle between aggressive and defensive.
When aggressive she goes straight for the monster to flame him, on defensive she behaves like normal daisy, keeping her distance while reviving.

Her kit is quite alright its just that one of her mayor features is such garbage right now.


Yes, she’s very easy to play, but that doesn’t excuse how bad she is. She’s definitely not viable- her CC has all the downsides of Maggie’s (arm time, deployable, far less control, requires more prediction, etc) and all the downsides of Griffin (only one shot at a time, single harpoon, etc) with none of the benefits- Maggie can layer traps for gauntlets or stronger lockdown and Griffin can turn on a dime and cockblock a lot of abilities or killing blows.

Wasteland Maggie just sort of throws it down often as she can and hopes it does anything more than annoy the monster, which it never does.

And to top that off- her damage took a huge nerf and it’s really bad now.


The argument of easier means less potential is clearly not valid to TRS parameters as they’ve been trying to keep MArvo and Blitzkov around the same level of power.

I don’t know man, she’s like my second most played trapper at the moment. I feel like we don’t really need to touch too much of her kit, a slight more burn damage would be okay I guess.

But I wouldn’t increase it too dramatically, the dot is still a powerful that prevents armor regen which does a pretty good job at letting her and the team do chip damage.

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She definitely needs stronger DPS, IMO, and-

-this is necessary. For both Maggies actually- reg Maggie should have an aggressive revival mode where she goes all out for a rez to either guarantee revive or force monster’s hand, and a defensive mode where she just mucks around like normal.
Wasteland’s should be aggression- all out damage- and defence, revival.

For me…

No on DPS, more on DOT for both her pistol and snare.
Rising her DPS would mean we’d need to take down other aspects of her kit.

I do agree that Combat Daisy needs to have a more aggressive AI, if not at least give her a little bit more HP not as much as normal daisy because monsters should still have the option of killing her. Pet Daisy already has the benefit of the speedboast.

That’s actually what I meant- increasing her DPS by making her DoT better lol. Otherwise the DoT’s like an afterthought rather than a defining characteristic.

I disagree- there are two types of trappers; strong CC and strong damage.

Griffin, Maggie and Jack have less damage but very strong CC for defence/offence when used well that trumps stasis.

Abe and Crow have stasis, which is still good, just not as good as a good harpoon or the repulsor- but they have high damage to compensate.

Currently, Wasteland has neither- with both bad damage and mediocre CC.

I don’t know about fitting her into either of those niches.
I wouldn’t want that, I would much prefer it if she were put into being a jack of trades for the trappers.

Well, there’s that old saying- “Jack of all trades, master of none.”

Being alright at everything means she’s always a step behind being good at something in particular.

She has no dmg and no cc. How is that viable? She is the worst trapper atm. Would never pick her.

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She still has damage, and still has CC. though both of them are at a limited degree, honestly doesn’t make her unviable. Just that other trappers have a niche that they’re stronger at.

So with abe i provide good cc and every match i do like 18k dmg.
With maggie i provide ok hard cc and do around 12k dmg.
With wasteland i do rly bad cc and my dmg at the end of the round is 3k.
Every other competetive player also thinks that she is not viable, its not just me.

Due note some people have mentioned that some of the dot damage do not register into the end round screen. So we don’t know for sure how much damage she’s doing without proper numbers in.

@mizx you are the data lord, do you have any info on how much damage Waggie does average per round? I do feel like its a bit lower than I’d like it to be.

Who remembers when she was OP during the Legacy days and we all wanted her to be nerfed?

she was but then the nerf was too much

Yes, please make her more viable. :slight_smile:

Waggie has the same problem that Hank, Tech Sgt. Hank and Rogue Val have. They don’t rely on team coordination to be effective. They have a low skill ceiling. Hunter players can’t really screw up. Thus, their win rate is high.

TRS nerfs them because their win rate is too high. But their power ceiling is way below other characters. That’s why in competitive nobody picks them.

Im sorry but are you for real?
I know that the dot dmg is not shown but it seems like you want to defend her for dome reason…so fine lets go with that. Assumeing her dmg is fine but not shown correctly. At the end screen it shows me 3k dmg. So to match up with my normal maggie dmg i provably did 10k dot dmg? I dont think that is the case here. Shes just shit. Why does the complete pro scene agree with that but on the forums there always has to ve that 1 guy…