Please make the wraith viable


Please make the wraith viable again.

Keep in mind I recognize that with proper hit and run you CAN win with him as I have a 75% win ratio as monster with only wraith. But against anyone that’s halfway decent at kiting and certain hunters such as sunny or jack it’s just impossible to assail them. I’m not asking to make him op again, just viable please. I hate that if I want to play monster it’s almost not an option to pick wraith if I want to get above silver expert.



Also Yeah.

I wish she was quick and bursty and a great assassin.

But fear not, They are making decoy a battle buddy. :smiley:


The problem with her is that she has delays in her attacks after doing anything.

But TRS already has a big patch coming so discussing anything about her is fairly mute at this point.

Best to just wait and see what the Update brings us.


@Major_Warrior @Zetrocci
Guys, “she/it/him/the thing” doesn’t have a gender. It’s not wrong to associate another pronoun with the gender-less Monster. Stop correcting when there’s nothing wrong. Realistically, the proper title should be “it”, but we like to personify the beastie, so the pronouns we use can vary depending on the person. “He” is as appropriate and accurate as “She”.

On topic, though, I feel the Wraith is viable as it is now. Not fun, or easy, but viable. Of course, I don’t play competitively, so I don’t have a handle on that scene. I’ve encountered tons of skilled Wraith players in pubs, though.

Something to look forward to is the next title update, in which she’s getting a rework. We’ll have to see how it is after that, though, to judge if he’s balanced.


@Zetrocci @Major_Warrior

Let’s not pick on Driskle for saying “him”. Monsters in Evolve have no gender, so he’s technically no more wrong than the both of you. :wink:

Anyway, Welcome to the forums, Driskle. :slightly_smiling:

As already mentioned by Zetrocci and Major_Warrior, some major changes is coming to Evolve in the next title update, including a rework of Decoy.

I can assure you, TRS is doing their best to balance the game to the best of their ability. :slight_smile:

If you haven’t already, make sure to check out the Wraith Strategy, Tips and Advice thread. Perhaps there is something in there that could help you overcome your problems with Sunny and Jack.


Dang it. Got Ninja’d by TrickshotMcgee. xD


Wraith is a beautiful young lady.

Shes offended you call her “it”


@TrickshotMcgee @Bot
Actually wraith and gorgon are females and this is confirmed by TRS. Their characters were developed keeping in mind they are ladies. Additionaly please note that even in the game they are reffered to as females (I. E. Short description in the selection screen, or the training video).


This is a quote from the writer himself.

[edit] Also this is getting off-topic. Feel free to PM me if you want to, but let’s not turn this into a thread about monster gender.


Wraith is probably the second most high level pick behind Kraken.


Doesn’t mean anything

Wraith is the 1 or 2 worst monster in this game right now


If you’re going to post in a syntax that suggests you’re listing actual “facts”, we expect a source. Link please?

Otherwise you’re just pretending your opinion is the truth and trust me, you don’t want to come across like that on a forum, I’ve tried it before and you’re not gonna win any discussions that way.

As for the topic at hand, @niaccurshi is completely right in the sense that Wraith is indeed the best pick for competitive play after Kraken, so she’s definitely still one of the strongest Monsters in the right hands.
Unless you’re saying the regular tournament players got it all wrong. Either that or yours are not the right hands.

See? This escalates rather quickly.


1- The bug with heavy attacks that takes too much time to apply

The range of heavy attack is short … Not sure though

The bug that waste some of supernova duration because of the heavy attack that takes a significant time to apply

The inconsistency with supernova duration (broken) (sometimes last long - sometimes last shorter)

Harpoons now perform better … Wraith had the highest win rate because the harpoons didn’t have a huge impact on her (one of the reasons)

Decoy is useless against stasis

She has low health (all those reasons above made it noticeable that her health was suffering )

warp blast will be distributed with the closest target

Her attack suffer from a delay … it feels slower than other monster

Repulser can block all her attacks

Wraith doesn’t do her heavy attack as often as she was

Source from where ??? Just play the game and decide your self … it’s a game it’s not a science

Ask ESL - gold monsters

Ask the developers if she had buggs

This is a source for her heavy attacks !!


Now this I can work with.

You mean you can’t stunlock a Hunter to death anymore? Big whoop. Damn, now the Hunters have a chance to escape without using a crutch Support.
If it’s the lack of constant heavy attacks you’re talking about, note that aerial and ground heavy attacks now share the same cooldown timer, so you can’t keep using heavies in the air nor use 1 on the ground and then immediately expect a mid-air attack to be a heavy one as well.

Either nope or bug. Wraith’s still got the best range possible on her melee swings, only Gorgon comes close with her heavy I believe.

Only happens consistently against incapped Hunters, and it’s easy to avoid by taking 1 slight step backwards.

It’s an area of effect, not hard capped duration. If you stay in the white sphere all the time but still notice inconstistent durations then yes - it’s a bug.

I’ve noticed the angle and will admit to it requiring a bit more precision than with Goliath or Behemoth.
Not sure why this needs to be a value tweaked for every single Monster due to her wide melee arc. Bad spaghetti code, perhaps.
Nonetheless it’s still quite easy to free yourself of harpoons and compared to what the other Monsters have always had to deal with, all I can say is “Welcome to what every Monster has always had to deal with. Now you do too.”

It’s stasis. Surely you expect it to impact your abilities.
Decoy is getting a complete overhaul next patch so just be patient to see if it’ll still be much of an issue then.

(Insert shredder post about Wraith being a brawler here).
If you look at the different health bars of Monsters you’ll laugh at the concept of Wraith having low health. It’s really not the case anymore and even though she might still have some of the lowest health, this is countered by her high mobility.

Please, don’t use arguments in your favor just because countering them would require 2 full pages of text. You know why a faster Monster’s health is lower than the slower Monsters and I should hope it doesn’t require a lot of explanation.

What does this even mean? Sounds like a bug or some console-specific thing I’m not aware of.

Same goes for this list item.

Jack is a problem of his own and on top of that, play Goliath more often and I will guarantee you that you will no longer complain about Jack again as Wraith.
Also note that Warp Blast or Abduct doesn’t require any stamina to use so you can always drain the Repulser’s battery with your traversals instead of abilities.

Like mentioned above, she doesn’t stunlock anymore. Honestly the only reply I can give you to this is boo hoo.
That was a fix, not a direct nerf.

I watch almost all the tournaments, both friendly and ESL.
Furthermore I play against Gold Monsters all the time on PC.

Your argument works against you because it is simply false. Wraith is, after the flying sushi, still the most solid pick in higher skilled game.
On PC I guarantee this.
On console I can only assume so and if not I reckon it’s because console players have trouble aiming her abilities or staying on target.
Not meant insultingly. Read the “Is Behemoth OP?” -thread for more posts on this core issue.

Either you didn’t see it or conveniently failed to mention it, but a few posts down in that thread you linked there’s an announcement of it already being fixed in the next update.

Edit: A next update, not the next update. Congratulations on correcting that minor mistake. Clearly you’ve won the internet today.

Funny how the valid points you make (not in my opinion, but I can see why some Wraith players may deem them valid) are all pretty much bug reports.
Bugs are bugs. Unintended results of bad code. They will more than likely be fixed at some point. Do not include them in your balance PoV unless, admittedly, the related bugs have existed for a long time and don’t seem to be getting fixed anytime soon (looking at you, Goliath traversals!).

Your thread title is “Please make the Wraith viable”.
She already is viable and will be even more viable when some bugs are squashed.

Don’t seriously expect her to be buffed because there’s some bugs in the current update.


I don’t except that players with really low knowledge about the game to understand what is happening

people can say whatever they want … but if they were not playing as much …

Their opinion wouldn’t be relied upon


What does that even mean?!

Are you saying I’m wrong and you’re right? Is it that simple?
What about everyone else who plays Wraith all the time and think she’s okay when ingoring all the bugs? Are they all wrong as well?
Surely you understand that you, one person playing on one specific platform, do not speak for everyone.

I’m sorry.
Lately I’ve been playing the “Abandon thread” -card a lot and I’m gonna have to play it now as well because I can already tell that this thread isn’t going anywhere.
Maybe it’s me? Feel free to say so if it’s me.
Otherwise I suggest you just read the many other posts about Wraith on these forums and watch gameplay videos of different players at different platforms and then compare them to your own playstyle instead of using your own experience exclusively to base balance discussions off.

~Walks away~




A bug is affecting her which means she is performing lower than she should be

In current build I’ve said she is the 1 or 2 worst monster

My bad about supernova cloud

I didn’t know that cloud has to be in radius inorder for supernova to work lol … I take that back


What tournaments has there’s been where a wraith has won since the heavy attack nerf/change? Could you please post a link?

Maybe I’m not playing her right anymore but from my experience, she feels like the worst monster right now.


In the X1 Battlefy tournament a Wraith won either the semi-finals or the one before that. Superbadjuju (if that’s how you spell it) casted that event so it should be still be fresh in his ‘past broadcasts’.


Are you referring to alanimauls wraith game against the free agent team? No offense to those players but that was a stage 1 pub stomp, they had no idea what they were doing.


Anyone defending the new heavy animation should try it out against hunters that actually move.

Nothing is more fun than being locked out of control and moving in a set direction for an overlong animation. I guess wraith stunlocks herself now ;).