Please make Stealth mode stick after you eat or jump!


Currently, if you are moving stealthily and jump or eat a carcass, you will return to normal movement when you land, or finish eating. If you forget to press Ctrl again right after, you’ll move normally and leave footprints, potentially giving your position away to Daisy. Several other actions also break stealth. Very annoying!


I believe it is inteded as it is. For the better. You have to think about what you are doing and it would be too easy to remain in stealth.


There’s another thread about this that was almost literally just posted – the snap-out of sneak is a design decision I agree with, otherwise sneaking gives the Monster almost indefinite control of the map.


Indeed, I just noticed it now, creepy o.0


That was weird! Same issue at the same time. Anyway, closing this one since the other got posted first.
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