Please make monster role avaible to everyone in public


I fully understand that you guys wanted to avoid people trolling by teaming up against random players or to prevent boost, but it’s super annoying. I played alone, as a monster. A friend wanted to join in but he couldn’t because it’d create parties and that’s not possible. I think having fun and freedom in a game is more important than leaderboards. I’m sure there’s a lot of people like me, who don’t have a full group of people to play privately OR who wish to progress but would still play normally OOOOR who simply want to play against each other without any questionable stuff. It would make the game so much more fun imo. And I know several people who agree and I’m sure a good chunk of people would agree too.

Please, pleaaase allow parties to play as monster.


agree. they should change this.


Why not play a custom game? The only thing different is that you don’t have randoms and don’t earn leader board ranks. Otherwise, you can have open chat, earn XP, and earn Mastery.


I hope they will change that when they are introducing a seperate ranked que.

Normal que: party members can play as monster
ranked: party members can’t play as monster

I am lucky that I have enough friends who bought the game so we can play custom without bots.


Another good idea!


Because we won’t get a full lobby done, unfortunately. I think the bots kinda ruin it. :frowning:


i see 2 problems with that:

  1. I know that a lot of people would use it to abuse the leaderboardsystem and i don’t want to see that happen tbh
  2. what about voicechat you can’t talk to each other

Good Hunt Vulpaex



You know you can make a 5 man game and one of you play as monster and still gain EXP right?

or do you mean 1 friend plays as human and another plays as monster?


Yea. I have 3 friends with the game. None of us can be the monster when we play together. Unless we want a bot (custom game). This needs to be corrected.


3 + yourself or 3 including yourself? Get a few more friends to tag along and it’s a done deal or go out there and make some friends!


4 of us total. If we are ALL online at the same time (probably not much more than the release of the game). When it dropped down to just 2 of us, even then we wished one of us could be the monster. I just dont understand the restriction.