Please make Lazarus viable


I can’t take getting a lazarus healer without hanks any longer in pugs. It just doesn’t work against proper monsters. I don’t think I ever even needed to go stage 3 against lazarus teams, often they will just die randomly on stage 1 being at half health from chasing the monster and stepping into something occasionally.

I don’t want to wait at the generator for stage 3 anymore just because there is no reason to try and trap it just to be focused down as a trapper.


Lazarus is more than viable. The issue is the people playing him. They want to play mlg360noscope 420 blaze it snipe all day instead of stealthy heals/revives. The fact that there are no strikes with a good lazarus is game breaking. It goes from rock throw taking you to 10% to 50% which is more than healable with a burst. It also makes the monster corpse camp which is extremely punishable with any team.


What level are you currently?


hunters need to coordinate their picks so they dont gimp their team. not every hunter needs to be viable in every combination of hunters and situation, thats why there are multiple ones to pick from.


Level 37 and no it doesn’t make anyone corpse camp. What would you camp the corpse for? The only corpse you produce is either a quick trapper to undome yourself or lazarus himself, which is a gain.

If you have lazarus down you try to get him the moment he is ressed again for a quick second strike or if you feel sorry for the other team you disengage.

There isn’t really much to talk about, lazarus himself says that he isn’t a doctor(medic) :wink:

On a sidenote his healing burst isn’t any better than vals or cairas. I don’t know what makes you think that lazarus works against a good monster but it really doesn’t. You don’t need to camp you can sniff lazarus 24/7 and if he vanishes – where is he gonna go? That is beside the point though, no reason to simply slap lazarus until he dies, which without hanks takes a couple of seconds since invisibility doesn’t work in a defensive situation either. The monster can at any time make a go for lazarus who can only use his fuel and is then forced to cloak, which in melee range has no real effect anymore.


You would camp the corpse to avoid Laz reviving it…

A good Laz will stay away until he is needed which i why he has a sniper rifle and the cloak. You can’t camp the corpse forever either since your just taking free damage form the assault and inevitably its smarter to move away. Thats when he runs in with the cloak and revives and you just wasted your time while simultaneously taking a bunch of damage. he’s currently a hell of a lot more viable then Val


Colin you should try to take the message I am trying to bring across in. Yes colin I cannot stand on the friggin corpse for 45 seconds. I also do not need to. I can see lazarus 24/7 if i cannot see him I know where he will go.


But your message is that he isn’t viable which simply isn’t true. The monster is all about attrition which is easy to do against Val and Caira but next to impossible with a good Lazarus


People drop quickly with a lazarus as their healer. The only place lazarus has is with a hank or people drop like flies.

Take a goliath stage 1 with e.g. 3 points into rock throw, you slap the traper and juggle him into rockthrow 1, healing burst. he is still at less than 50% so you just keep meleeing him until you deliver the second rockthrow right into his face and the dome is gone. That process takes maybe 20 seconds.

You didn’t strike the trapper,but you aren’t domed either so it is no loss for either side, but one thing: Who benefits the most, when the monster stages up? Do the hunters grow stronger too?


Lazarus is very viable! In fact he’s one of my favorite medics and one of the strongest in my opinion!

I made a video discussing how to play as and with Lazarus, a lot of people have been finding it helpful, I’ll leave it here if you’re interested:


Hey faroh the video especially showscases the point I was making. The trapper went down along with the dome right? So had the monster not been careless enough to be caught again before replenishing his armor it would have been completely pointless to dome him in the first place right?

The second encounter also shows, that he did a bad job countering lazarus. You cloaked - a smart monster would have gotten you right there ending the fight right there with assault and trapper down + lazarus that cannot ress anymore.

I never questioned that lazarus is super great against bad monsters, however he is utterly useless against competent monsters without hank.


Lazarus is fine you’re likely just playing him incorrectly.


I disagree - I actually main Goliath (top 40) and Lazarus is one of the medics that gives me the most trouble when played properly. When he stays far out of range and uses his cloak efficiently, he’s very hard to track down, especially when his team is laying down cover with stasis grenades and harpoons, etc.

All he has to do is play stealthy and wait until there’s an opportunity to rez a teammate, and if the monster camps the body, chances are he’s taking tons of damage from your team.


I’m having the occasional problems with Lazarus when I get the corpse outlines completely disappearing bug…


Um… I exclusively play Lazarus and the only reason I ever take down stage 3 monsters is because of how OP he is. Heck I had a game yesterday where I had 9 lazarus revives, 7 of those cloaked. I use item reload/recharge so I can spam heal and can cloak very often. I usually set up camp as high and far away from the monster as possible, snipe from a distance and fly by popping heals any time it is up (the cooldown is super short). If a teammmate dies, stealth and bring them back from the dead. Last night we had a stage 3 monster who killed all 3 teammates and I went invisible, got all 3 up and finished the monster before he realized the game wasn’t ending.


I could be wrong but my first thought is your teammate has decided to spawn on the dropship rather than wait for a Lazarus revive. This happens mostly because PUGs are stupid. TIP - if you die and have Lazarus in your party, wait for him to come rez you.


I agreed with the OP up until he said “in pugs”.

Hunters in are more likely to fall apart in pugs, I suppose part of that is the game design and unforgiving nature of the game.

Don’t get me wrong, I would LOVE to see Lazarus work better in pugs, and especially against monsters at higher levels who will just eat bodies hard countering Lazarus.


That’s what I tend to think on these occasions, yet it seems to be a simple graphical bug client side since the Laz players can keep ressing them while I lose visual of the corpses.


Just sit outside dome as Laz, swoop in for revive. You do need to have a Hank though.


No way, you don’t need to be afraid. Use the terrain, I always find a crows nest type area to snipe from. Monsters don’t look 100 feet up in the heat of a battle. And if you save jetpack fuel as a purely evasive move you can easily be in the heart of a fight.