Please make decoy a decoy

I’m trying to make an inception joke for decoy but the only thing that works is…

######nopenope -Abort

Decoy is easily the worst ability Wraith has.

I thought the same… Wouldn’t it be amazing though?

What if you summoned a decoy, and it made a decoy? And the those 2 decoys, made 2 more. It could keep going, until the planet has been take over. :smiling_imp:

Noooooooooo :scream: That would be a nightmare

Super Nova is her worst ability, but Decoy is a close follow up.

@Gems Surely you want the world invaded by Wraith. ^.^

If she doesn’t hurt Pandas then I’ll be okay with her… Otherwise :scream:

Surely she would team up with the pandas. ^.^
They’re too cute to hurt.

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Give it a 50% durability increase and decrease damage by that much.


tfs <3 xD

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Disagree. As a follow up to warp blast or abduction, SN is swell. It’s just note of an isolated attack now though, instead of a slaughter the team attack

Decoy… Not so much

It has no durability as it only lasts as long as Wraith remains stealthy, no healthpool/armor whatsoever

Also, they should remove the decoys flicker and make the tip off something much more subtle. Like tracers going through it, or a whooshing SFX of the bullets gong through staight air.

Something that experienced hunters will know and understand, but that can only be readily noticed by those playing Smith attention to notice.

Caveat: I’m not a Wraith main, and the most I played Wraith was during the most recent event.

If the true point of Decoy is to reposition and redirect attention during chases or broken-LOS combat, then the most important statistic of the decoy should be its Duration as opposed to its damage. As has been noted the Decoy is almost immediately identifiable as such, and it is not TOO hard to evade since it waits so long to start swinging. Given the cloak change and the fact the wraith cannot traverse or even start skills without ending the Decoy, it becomes difficult to truly justify the skill - which is a shame because I love the misdirection idea of it.

So if you’re not throwing the decoy as a damage-dealer, youll never want to drop three points into it; but if you keep it at stage 1 the duration is low enough that you don’t get to move for very long before the cloak ends (to say nothing of being revealed by a stray bullet or intentional hunter spray).

Right now Decoy’s duration scaling seems similar to how Warp Blast’s range used to scale, which was fixed by having the range be constant while the radius and damage scaled. Given the change to Wraith visibility during Decoy, I wonder if it wouldn’t make more sense to have Decoy’s duration be constant and the Decoy’s damage scale - perhaps along with its speed so that it actually has a chance to land a hit.

If the Devs feel the current version is balanced due to having the numbers of how Wraith survives in high-level play, that’s one thing - though I’d suspect many winning Wraith builds don’t have much Decoy in them at all; do they get THAT kind of telemetry? Average level of decoy for level 35-40 wraiths on victory?

Right now you see a ton of Warp Blast + Abduction spam; two damage bursts to quickly finish off targets. I’d enjoy seeing Decoy be a more viable part of gameplay again instead of semi-useless without 2 points in it.

Curious what others think.

Yeah, you’re right :blush:

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I think giving it a health bar would be a much more effective alternative because even if you can’t get away from it mid chase, cause you don’t have jet pack, the wraith shouldn’t be able to give out free damage without a cost. and giving it a health bar will make it slightly less embarrassing on new player who focus it and it will be an even bigger deception tool because now the hunters will spend time fighting it than dodging and still staying on the wraith

I agree with this and hence why i feel decoy should be more decoy like. I miss the old days in warcraft 3 where illusions did no damage but had the same health with less resistances compared to the original. These illusions were great acting as decoys and would allow people to make really tricky plays and put the confusion on the other team. They also made it hard to notice which is the real one which threw a challenge into it. This could be carried over to the wraith by considering different targeting systems aswell. A random decoy placement would send it in the direction your pointing and it will be aggressive to the first thing it sees prioritizing hunters over wildlife. A decoy aimed at a specific hunter or animal would tell it to attack that target. Making decoy useable for a damage skill but not require the luck of the decoy running down some wildlife or just chillin while your being hammered. The damage would definitely need to be reduced because ive seen a supernova decoy drop 3 grouped up hunters in less than 5 seconds. Plz dont say they should have dodged this cause it has already been stated in previous posts that without jetpack in mid chase the decoy is almost garanteed to land multiple hits. I have no qualms with the wraith personally. This isnt me saying decoy is op. It just needs a rework. I only lost one hyde game against wraith during the event and only lost once or twice with the wraith. The balance is there but the useability isnt so much when your playing against a real premade team that knows how to hunt down a monster. At that point you decoy and then cry when it does absolutly nothing to them and they continue to destroy the poor little wraith hiding in the corner with a useless getaway/hiding skill.

Holy crap i almost wouldnt want to read that if i wernt me because its so long… my bad

So you basically want the skill to be a bullshit waste of time that does no damage, yet blindly gets shot and makes itself even more of an obvious decoy?

The fact it attacks and did damage is way helps it mimmick the Wraith.

Please re read my post and the come again.

Yo dag i herd u liek decoy so we put a second wraith in the game so we put a decoy costume on the wraith so its decoy is also a decoy decoy so the real wraith is a decoy for the second wraiths decoy… (ok can i get statistics for how many brains my post broke!? ) XD