Please make decoy a decoy

Wraith decoy is still majorly broken with the damage. Two basics and a full health hunter is nearly dead all it takes is spitting on a hunter after the two hits to down them. Wtf is this? Thats not a decoy. Sure it needs to do damage but why not just 100% basic damage at all levels and let the damage scale with the stage of the monster. This would make duration be able to be a slight bit longer and allow u to use cooldown instead of damage as the boost for upgrading the skill. This is the only game ive seen that has decoys doin like 3x the originals damage

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Oh my god! I miss read the title and thought you said give decoy a decoy :scream:


I don’t really have a problem with Decoy. The Decoy is dumb. You can always tell when the Decoy is coming, it has a short duration, and it’s easy to dodge.


Where will the damage go then? Decreasing the damage of decoy means that the power must be shifted somewhere else, otherwise Wraith will be utterly hamstrung damagewise.

So I read your title, and thought: “Double Decoy? Eh?”
Then I read your first sentence, and thought:
“Yes, buff the decoy! Make it not flicker when you shoot it! Make the stealth escape actually work!”

And then I read it the rest of your post… and was disappointed…
Decoy is considered nearly useless by experienced players except for Skywriath players…

  1. It does do good damage, but doesn’t last that long. A good dodge apparently is all it takes to escape without a wound.
  2. You can tell within SECONDS that it’s the decoy, and ignore it/dodge past it and go for the real one.
  3. Shoot it/past it frequently exposes the real wraith… which makes the whole maneuver useless.

At the moment, unless it’s a Skywraith, Apparently it’s the least used ability in the package.

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What my point is here is exactly that. I agree with the no flicker, they could also let it use skills as the wraith does but with reduced effectiveness/radius. This would give it a real decoy feel. Since the damage bonus of leveling would go away then do the above in the stages
Stage 1: flickers, low duration
Stage 2: no flicker, med duration
Stage 3: uses 1 skill at random, longer duration

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Unless you are out of fuel!

Yeah, damage has always been my only problem with decoy as well, when I brought this up in the telemetry thread, @MacMan said that it is already the lowest damage ability wraith has, and they arent looking to bring it down even more

I would find the quote, but I am feeling kinda lazy right now :stuck_out_tongue:

What I would REALLY like to see is the Decoy take on a persona of your choosing:

  1. Attack: Acts much like it does now.
  2. Flee: Choose a direction away from you and book it. This makes the hunters traversal away from your current location and it becomes a real decoy.
  3. Harrass: Sure, give it abduct… Let it traversal away from you, and abduct people towards it.

Using these, (Much like a hunter choosing a weapon) it gives a wraith some diversity of how it’s decoy will be used, make it believable, and not necessarily increase it’s damage.


Haha I thought that too

Decoy inception



Damn, that is so weird right now. I read your poem post in that other thread a few moments ago and now my brain subconsciously expects a rhyme every time I read one of your sentences.

LOL, I’m not as dedicated as Mortalbound. I only rhyme when the mood hits me… Or I’m being punny.

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I completely disagree. Wraiths decoy is extremely (for lack of a better word) stupid, i put super nova on it and it has a 2/5 chance of bringing a hunter’s life to half from full. 3/5 of the time the decoy is off grinding on terrain. IMHO i wouldnt care if the decoy got a 50% damage reduction if the decoy would keep going in the direction you spawn it and only stop to attack NEARBY hunters and wildlife. Every time i try to send my decoy in the opposite direction to throw the hunters off, i just keeps cuddling with me and completely blows my position. Also its to obvious to tell its a decoy now.

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When you get used to it, it’s incredibly derpy



Its still not a decoy. It takes a dumb team to sit there and wail on a decoy that flashes saying its not a decoy and if it hits you once, the damage screams the nonexsistance of the wraith.

So is this you agreeing with me? Pointless as decoys useful for… fooling around?

That would have scared me :cry:

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