Please let us wait for full lobbies



To be honest, I’m much less concerned with getting queue-based matchmaking and a perfect preference system; I would be totally satisfied if we could just have some way to make sure lobbies are full before the game begins. Sometime’s I’ll be lucky and the 2 minutes is enough time to fill up the empty slots but most of the time there are 1-3 empty slots that either never get filled or get tossed around by people joining and immediately leaving when they realize they’ve joined a game in progress. I feel like waiting an extra 2-3 minutes could make a huge difference here. I’d be happy to wait longer to ensure a full game.

Is this feasible/reasonable?





Yeah I would rather wait for a full game.


This or add like thirty seconds or something if someone leaves before the minute mark.


I would very much like this added. I am more than willing to wait 5-10 mins for a game that is full rather than play with bots.


This. Spot on OP. I dont know why they don’t have the same matchmaking that they had in L4D. You have the option of doing ‘quick search’ or you find a lobby, pick your exact hunter/monster.


This. I always do this. When I am monster player with only 2 hunters I always vote to restart round and wait out the 2 minutes at selection so the lobby will fill up.


same as hunters


Personally, I like that it just starts. I hate waiting for a full lobby in any MP. However, I don’t like when someone new joins and it starts the game while they’re still loading. At least give those people a second to pick their character.


Exactly why I wish they had the option of Quick Search and Lobby.

  1. People who want to just jump in, can just do quick search.
  2. Those who want to wait for a full team make up can do the lobby, and actually get the character they want to play

It would be pretty easy for them to do considering this it the exact matchmaking system they have in L4D.