Please let us opt out of joining games in progress


I am so damn sick of taking losses by being dropped into a game thats ending in 60 seconds, or so badly botched there is no way of coming back and taking a loss. I want to play a fresh game as monster or hunter, no matter how long my wait is increased. Give us the option for the love of god. People quit when they are about to die/lose. To be dropped into those games is asinine.


I agree. You join a game you don’t know, very often already lost. And you have to play a character you don’t want to. I can’t see hank anymore! An option to decide by our own if we want that, would be really nice.

On the other hand: I don’t know what’s the impact in matchmaking. Guess you have to wait longer. And another point: the group who was left could be forced to play 3vs1 or 2vs1 because nobody’s there to fill the free slot anymore. So please punish the people who leave much more. One minute is a joke!


there are so many topics on this one. good! when this has no high priority for the next patch along with wraith then i dont know what has.