Please let players re-skill when taking over a monster mid match


I can’t play goliath without 3 points into fire breath at the start of the match.
And the bots usually have really shit builds.


It would be interesting to see this option. Like let the skill menu pop up, and you reset them before you’re allowed to take over the bot.


If it’s early I ask to restart the match and always get shot down. 4v1 voting when the hunters know the monster may be at an instant disadvantage is only going to go one way really.

I’ve also experienced a bug a number of times where I lose the initial ability points once I evolve, so end up at stage 2 with stage 1 points.

A very welcome thread, would be happy to see this implemented.


Absolutely, so frustrating taking over a monster with a horrid build.


When we play a premade, we always vote to restart, we also usually vote to restart before a monster comes in. Because playing against an AI isn’t really fun. I also ask people who aren’t part of the group to vote restart when we aren’t a full group.

I mainly see monsters denying the vote for hunters. Especially if hunters die before they land.


Maybe just make it so that you can apply 6 points when you go from Stage 1 to 2 with no points currently applied mid-evolve.

Much better and more reasonable then picking your points just before you take over the not.


This is going to sound silly, but I agree with @CypherUK. I was in a match with a Kraken where we had our Support who glitched out and was stuck on the top of the map (could still hit the Kraken but couldn’t be hit). Took 4 attempts for a restart, but finally got one.

The positive side is if they don’t want a restart then you can crush them next round!