Please let PC players preload


Anyway we could get a preload at least a few days before release?


We got it for the alpha and the beta don’t see why we won’t get it for the release.


I’m fairly certain it’s gonna happen, just closer to release. If the alpha/beta were anything to go by, prolly a day or two before release.


It’s a safe assumption it will happen. This is one of their big launches and they won’t screw it up by having everyone download it on launch day. That’s just asking for problems with the amount of expected traffic.


But they needed us to preload prior to Big Alpha and Closed Beta because it was a limited time. They didn’t want people downloading it when they needed people to be testing. Launch is an indefinite time.

However, there’s a lot of people requesting it, so I imagine they’ll try their best to get a preload for launch. We’ll have to see. :smile:


There is no excuse in the digital age for not having pre-loading especially when it is clear in some parts of the world we still can’t get reasonable affordable fast internet to download stuff. Now yes even with my pathetic 6/1.5 internet connection it didn’t take more than 24 hrs for the beta to download and I did not have it running at all times but really if you are excited about delivering a product to people and want people to buy the game at the last minute what better way to help in that by allowing people to pre-load the game.


They made a deal with Xbox for exclusive pre loading but i think that was a console exclusive


Pretty sure we are getting pre-loading. No reason we shouldn’t.


Doubt that. There’s nothing exclusive about being able to preload. It’s only stupid not to let people do it.


Yes, we are. They’ve done it for three alpha/beta/whatevers before. They’ll do it for launch. If they don’t it’ll be because Daisy has taken over TRS. O_o Which probably has already happened… Hmm.


It’s a major Steam title on PC, so… yeah, I sure as heck expect that Valve would be pushing for the preloading, even if TRS wasn’t. At least to prevent 20-50k people from attempting to download a 25GB game the moment it unlocks.

I swear there was a major title released in the last few years on Steam that didn’t preload. (BioShock Infinite?) And as a result, on launch day, it took me like 8 hours to download the damn game because Steam’s content servers were overburdened.

In short, I wouldn’t worry about it. Evolve seems like the type of game that’s going to be preloaded to prevent potential logjams at launch.


I rarely see PC preloads on steam more than a week before launch. We still have time.


If you got the Beta, they changed the name of Evolve in Steam, so you’ll just patch the Beta client. If you didn’t you’ll probably get a Pre-Load confirmation a few days beforehand. Heck, PS4 and Xbone can’t preload until that time anyways.